A time to look back over this year

A time to look back over this year

Reading other people’s blogs I can see that December after Christmas is a time to look back over this year.  I only started my blog in October, so have blogged about very little that has happened to me earlier in the year, so here we go.

January and February 2018  – Very cold and snow, the children absolutely loved it, my car however didn’t. When the temperature hit minus 7, my car broke down on the main road.  Theory being that the supermarket diesel had frozen so when I started the engine the diesel blocked the fuel filter.  I had an ambulance driver and our Hermes delivery driver push my car to the side of the road, where it then sat for over 2 hours waiting for the breakdown truck.

This saga did continue but a few days later the car was fixed, new fuel filter, another breakdown truck and a day in the garage. I complained to the supermarket about their fuel and they kindly sent me some vouchers. I am praying this year that it really was the fuel, my car has had Esso diesel since that day because I do not want to break down again.

Snow in February

The cold was detrimental to my garden plants. My palm tree had had a fleece top on it but still died.  It’s replacement is now sat in my summer house. I’m not trusting it this year to the elements with just a fleece.

Asking daddy what has happened this year, he said nothing.  I think you very quickly forget events that have occurred. Things feel incredibly stressful whilst living through them but later forgotten.

March  – was Easter and we had the Easter bonnet and buggy parade at school.



April – I had started to write my book around October 2017, I purchased my laptop November 2017 to help me work on it.  Around April time I found some nice writing forums on Facebook which gave me encouragement to continue writing. I now got more of my book written and looked at writing short stories.

My daughter also had Chicken pox.  She was covered from head to toe in spots and very itchy. We were all relieved when they finally went away.

May – I decided to create a pond in the garden.  I bought some pond plants of Amazon which my 5 year old then 4, threw around the garden and destroyed. I have not replaced them.


June –  was the children’s birthdays.  Yes we timed having our children well, their birthdays are about 2 weeks apart.

July – more short stories written, it might have been the time I found Reedsy writing prompts and signed up to receive their emails.

August- school holidays and we visited some castles together.  The children can be good when their brains are occupied.


September – the children started new school years. Year 1 and year 3, my daughter is improving with her reading slowly. My son continues to do well but both kids continue to get me very stressed. They are getting older but their behaviour is not improving,

I now started to really feel that I needed to do something else.  I work part time and I do not feel I could commit more hours to full time. Then I started to look at writing and what I could do.  This finally led to me finding word press in October, writing my first blog entry and entering into the blogosphere.  Whether my book will eventually be finished and published , I hope so, but I do at least have my blog and people reading what I have to say.

October  – I started my blog,  – first blog post ever

Then my  – 1st poem on my blog

It was also the time of – halloween and pumpkins

Then – Losing the car keys thanks to our 5 year old

My first short story on Lornas Gin and Lemonade blog at the end of October – https://ginlemonade.com

The worst road trip we have ever had

And my first short story for blog battle in November – https://blogbattlers.wordpress.com


These last three months have felt more eventful but probably because I have been documenting them.

Since October I have got myself in a routine of trying to blog daily. I have missed alot of televsion as it has been on, but my eyes have been looking at my tablet. We have now caught up with Seal Team but I have heard it rather then really watched it. Somehow I still need to make time to write my book. To actually write a book from start to finish is more work then I first imagined. Looking at my word count on word press I have written over 70 000 words which could have been a book. It’s keeping motivated to write it and ideas to keep the plot moving.

December – We have just had Christmas and the featured image is an elf that myself and my daughter made together yesterday. I also made the decision to make my blog self hosted. It is now with Lyrical Host who I can honestly highly recommend. Their customer service is excellent.

The year is now almost over. My 5 year old is still awake tonight, her sleeping over the year has not improved and neither has their disobedience. My 7 year old refused his dinner tonight but we told him he will not be getting anything else. He then managed some. It was the last of the Christmas turkey.


So here we are nearly at 2019. So what are my aims for next year.  1. To keep supporting my children. 2. To continue writing and try and get more of my book completed. 3. To continue this blog and make improvements as I go along. 4. To monetise it in the hope that it will pay for itself and maybe help with the family budget.

Thankyou to all my blogging friends who have followed, helped and supported me since October. Thankyou also for your blogs that I have enjoyed reading and learnt from.  Here’s to another year living and blogging.


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