Green Wood Cave
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The mystery of the Green Wood Cave

Night out at the Cave

It was 10.00pm as the eighteen year olds, gathered in Green Wood. Whispering to each other in excitement, they had heard the stories and they wanted to see it for themselves. Meeting under the guise of a sleepover their parents thought they were at Ben’s house. Ben’s parents thought that he was at Jason’s. Had their parents known they were lying they would have been worried, instead they were all comfortable playing with their television remotes watching television or debating whether 10.00 was too early to go to bed.

The boys had met at 8.00pm and downed a few pints in the “Black Griffin” in anticipation of the night ahead. With plans discussed and map studied they were really doing this. Were the terrifying stories real?

Armed with their torches with a fluttering sick feeling in their stomachs, Ben now lead them into the moss covered cave. Greeted by a wide stone room with a pungent smell, Harry held up his lantern and they all marvelled at the graphics on the walls. He had plans to be an Archaeologist one day, like his hero ‘Indiana Jones’. Harry knew he would only achieve this by being brave and really studying what he was looking at. Reaching into his bag he pulled out his 35mm lens camera, stood on a ledge and began to take photos.


Julian stood leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. He wanted to get on, he had no interest in what was written on the walls, he wanted to see ancient remains, not hieroglyphics.

As the boys started calling to one another there was a scream from Noel. Harry looked around, the fluttering feeling now compounded. His friends had vanished, what was going on? Shining his lantern around the room it was empty but he could smell something stale and nauseating. Boys don’t just vanish, but they had, feeling a familiar pain in his stomach he started to vomit. He needed to get out of here. Holding his camera, torch and lantern tightly, he ran from the cave. Knowing he needed to tell his parents, he would have to deal with the repercussions.

Harry’s parents

Having decided to take an early night, Sheila Wren was confused when she was woken by a dirty looking Harry with tears streaming down his face.
“Mum they are gone, all gone.”
“Whose gone? Sleep Harry.”
“Noel, Ben and Julian, they vanished.”

Bill Wren roused from sleep now sat up in bed.
“Harry, I thought you were at Ben’s, what the heck is going on?”

“Dad they vanished, errr we were in the Green Wood cave. Sorry but we needed to see it,”
“Harry you’ve heard the stories, people get taken. They don’t come back.”
“Yes, and now it’s taken my friends.”
“Right I’m awake now, downstairs come on, let your mum rest.”
“Don’t be daft Bill, I’m awake, we need to tell the boys parents.
“Dad, I was photographing hieroglyphics when everyone vanished.”
“Okay we need to put the memory card into the lap top and we really should phone the police.”
“What can the police do Bill? They were in a cave at night and vanished. I’m phoning the other parents and I don’t care that it’s midnight”.

The parents

An hour later, Harry found himself surrounded by parents, as he sat on the laptop studying his photos, trying to understand the hieroglyphics. He still hadn’t been to sleep but his mum had told him it was his own fault for lying and going somewhere so dangerous.

The hero of the party was Bob Fryer, Noel’s dad. Joining Harry with his own laptop working out the ancient text on the photographs, he cried out,
“I’ve got it, I know where the children are, who’s coming?”
“Coming where?”
“The cave, come on.”
“Come on Harry, you come with me.”

Harry in a daze, followed Bob out of the kitchen. Feeling that he had failed he was intrigued to know what the plan was.
Putting the car into gear, Bob now said,
“Harry, before they vanished, Julian was leaning against the wall. The text above it suggested there was a lever near there.”
“A lever?”
“Yes, and before you ask, I do have an interest in ancient text, so I had a head start on your photographs. Where were you standing when everyone vanished?”
“I was on a ledge and focusing the camera on the walls. Noel scared me when he screamed”.
“And you really didn’t see where they went?”
“No, it all happened so fast.”

Bob’s theory

“Right, all this will make sense when we get there. I’m wondering who else we might find.”
“Someone else?”
“I’m sure you have heard the stories. That’s why you were there right?”
“People going missing, yes we proved that.”
“Yes, but Harry you took photos. You had the answer to the caves mystery. I’m not sure why it hasn’t been investigated before. You and the boys have made a discovery tonight, this is incredible”.
Harry sat listening to Bob’s excitement, hoping that he was right.

It was ten minutes later that they all arrived at the car park and they all climbed out of their cars. Harry’s dad, Bill now walked over.
“So, what have you worked out Bob, where are the boys?”
“They are in the cave.”
“Where? How?”
“Come and see.”

Following Bob to the cave they let him take charge. On entering, Bob said,
“All of you need to stand in the doorway.”
The parents stepped back all desperate to see the boys safe and well.

The cave floor

They watched as Bob walked across the cave and stepped on the ledge going around the cave wall. Now checking the parents were still in the doorway, he pushed a stone on the wall.

The other parents watched shocked as the floor appeared to disappear. Bob held the stone in to prevent it reappearing. There were now cries as the lads realised they were free. With them were six confused tourists and evidence of previous explorers of the cave. Now just piles of bones.
“I don’t believe it.” Julian’s mum was crying,
Ben and Julian’s dad helped to pull everyone out.
The tourists were grateful and stunned that they had been found and now helped.

On leaving the cave, Bob phoned the police station. Explaining what they had learnt, the tourists found, and the remains under the cave floor. It wasn’t long before the police and Archaeologists descended on the cave and it’s tunnels under the vanishing floor.

The caves mysteries should have been researched years ago but the stories had been dismissed as folklore.  Stories of strange wailing, stories that said if you go in, you won’t  come out.  The lad’s curiosity had caused it now to be investigated properly. The true story of the ‘Green Wood Caves’ had now been discovered and the boys night out would not be forgotten.

Written for Write the story on Writers Unite

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