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My life and my family poetry

Writing poetry


Writing poetry on ‘Just muddling through life’,
Recording my life, my family and strife.
Sitting here now in front of the television,
Watching the soaps, entertaining their mission.
Emmerdale, the farm, the pub, Yorkshire a treat,
And all the stress on Coronation Street.

October 31st, it’s Halloween,
The costumes, the fun, the things I’ve seen.
From America, the fun has come to our shores,
Looking at the children, the love out pours.
The witches, the ghouls, the trick or treaters,
A knock, a rattle, the kids like to greet us.

Working all day and earning a wage,
Making ends meet, in this day and age.
Tired and exhausted, at the end of the day,
Surrounding mum stress is all hearsay.
Trying to discipline them, being ignored,
There is no time for mum to be bored.

Working together as husband and wife,
Here together, just muddling through life.
Life’s ups and downs, and all it’s challenges,
All the stress, the problems and its sacrifices.
Life is hard, and it can be cruel,
Raising children, I’m nobody’s fool.

Enjoying spending time alone,
The peace and quiet of an empty home.
The love, the fun with the family together,
A family love that no one can sever.
The children, they often push their boundaries,
The stress, the problems, the places they take me.

Being a mum

family art on wall

Being a mum, I’m often under pressure,
The art on my walls, I don’t wash it off for pleasure.
Trying to lead, having them answer back,
As a mum, all the answers, I fear I lack.
Asking them to stop messing around,
Problem, my daughter loves to be off the ground.

So, on I go, just muddling through life,
Balancing the family, to keep things right.
Working hard to keep it all together,
Knowing this family can fight bad weather.
Keeping my head up, trying to stay positive,
These are the people, I’m spending my life with.

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