• The darkness surrounded me I was alone
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    The Mystical City


    Poem and story based on the featured image photo from, https://helenevaillant.com/2019/01/15/what-do-you-see-jan-15-2019/

    I stood looking up at the red light. The darkness surrounded me I was alone. The noise around me disappeared into the resounding night. Standing on the balcony people might have thought me a happy person, maybe lucky for living somewhere so beautiful. For me it was just too much, the busy city surroundings, the majestic buildings and history.

    The railway bridge over the road leading from one building to the next, with a train now passing over it. Maybe a film-makers dream but for me I want peace.

    The planets soar around overhead creating a mystery, so much happening around and above. The moody clouds and the cool atmosphere. The red light from the fires burning reflecting on the nearby buildings.

    I grew up here, high above the houses. I am the master of all I survey, it is a mystical place. Everything is ready for the lantern festival below and everyone except me is busily focusing on the celebrations.

    I prefer to be alone, I would rather watch from above then be amongst the happy celebrations and righteous singing. Maybe one day I will join in but, for today, I will stay right here.

    Poem – The lanterns shine

    The Chinese lanterns shine,
    Their redness is divine.
    I stand on my balcony,
    Overlooking the history.

    The festivities are ready,
    And people need to think steady.
    The mystical community,
    With the planets above in unity.

    I look at the beauty,
    Of all that is known to me.
    My whole life has been based here,
    For many a year upon year.

    The darkness it shrouds me,
    Creating a cloudy mystery.
    I shiver looking over at the bridge,
    Looking at the train, travelling over the ridge.

    Are the families below me happy?
    Or are they as alone as me?
    Going about their business,
    Wondering what is for tomorrow’s tea.

    When all around me is busy,
    Are others feeling as stressed.
    Maybe just wanting to sit down,
    Then maybe have a rest.

    The smoke from the festivities,
    And smells of all the food.
    Am I alright to stay up here?
    Or am I just being rude.

    The lively thriving city,
    But all I want is calm,
    Wanting to stay here by myself.
    And stay away from harm.

    The fires in the lanterns,
    The loud sounds and the noise.
    The party continues on.
    And the people below they rejoice.

    The planets they soar above me,
    The mystery is as visible as can be.
    So here I am, master of all I survey,
    You can often find me here, day after day.

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  • Our actions and motions could be thought of as eccentric.
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    We could all be thought of as eccentric


    Some people might think we are concentric,
    Our actions and motions could be thought of as eccentric.
    Everyone is different but everyone plays a part,
    In the journey of life, we all give our hearts.

    Be it the man in the local café,
    Or the lady who visits often for a latte.
    The young lad with the scruffy shoes,
    Or the girl who often struggles to choose.

    The animals in the countryside,
    The farmer who walks along beside.
    The rabbits and the butterflies,
    Going about their business and the animals that hide.

    So, all our eccentricities,
    Contribute to all our intricacies.
    The mind is so hard to understand,
    But we all try to comprehend.

    Is it fun to be eccentric?
    Does it mean we are pedantic?
    Does it mean we are so different?
    Or just defined as specific.

    Is standing out from the rest so bad?
    Or is the fun better than the best we have had?
    How do you earn the eccentric label?
    Or is the term a fable?

    We all play a different role in life,
    Whether it’s a banker, a nurse or a good wife.
    How we define ourselves, and want to be known,
    For some of us, life gets us down.

    Some of us in life, strive for more,
    Maybe wishing and hoping to be adored.
    Some of us are just happy as we are,
    Having travelled the distance and knowing how far.

    So is being eccentric really so bad,
    To be a little different to be the party cad.
    All of us are so unique, so special,
    Just a thought from me to you.

    Are we both eccentric?
    Or are we just doing as we do?
    In life there needs to be those that can make us laugh
    To stand there just being a little daft.

    Written in response to the Brew and Spew cafe word of the week – eccentric

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  • Sunday and it has been a world of learning

    Sunday and it has been a world of learning

    Today has been another long Sunday and it has been a world of learning.  Kids being awkward, home work not done and for me in life there is always something else to learn.  For me right now. it is the IT involved in the world of blog.

    From meta descriptions to SEO to the size of photos used.  I’m sure I have wasted website space with massive photos.   Sorry to those who are viewing my blog on a mobile phone, I am learning.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to make up some pictures prior to blogging so they are ready to upload and a better image size.  It has just taken me about an hour to make this one, so it will be a long process.

    At the end of last year my 7 year old was learning about Art at school.  You may recognise the above picture.  It is Monet’s Japanese bridge, I’m very proud of my son, he is becoming a good artist.  However to get him to draw is a challenge with the ongoing battle of technology getting in the way.

    Our weekend has raced by as usual.  Life’s usual battles, the train set is once again in the front room. Arguments over helping tidy and tidying their rooms. Kids reluctant to do their homework and reading and mummy to tired to keep arguing. Two loads of washing completed, ironing done, house vacuumed, is the weekend really a break? I don’t think it is,  however there is no demand to be up at a set time which is good.

    This morning I was woken by my 5 year old climbing into bed with me for cuddles.  It is so nice when there is time to just lie in peace and quiet and be close. Without the demands of needing to be somewhere.

    Soon after I got up and got breakfast.  Then entered the day properly.  Everyone was sat in the front room on their devices, television on but no one was watching it.   My son is obsessed with Roblox and Minecraft at the moment.  I’m sure he is a perfectly normal 7 year old.

    I need more energy and more time. Time to help entertain the kids and keep them off their gadgets.  However with exhaustion comes needing time to relax a bit. Time to wind down rather then be constantly on the go.  At least with the technology their brains are occupied and they are sat being quiet rather then wrecking things.  I just wish that they would cuddle up with a book instead.

    My son insisted on having Tacos for dinner tonight.  I was sure that once on they were on his plate he would refuse them like a lot of food.  He managed to eat one and then said he didn’t like them.  My daughter ate some of her taco, said yuck and refused the rest.  It is such hard work trying to get my children to eat.  So we now have wasted taco, mince, salsa, pepper and lettuce.  We will have to try and eat them during the week.

    Both kids finally read their books this evening. My daughter still needs to do her homework. Despite having all weekend she has not started it.  She has to draw a pirate map as she has been learning about pirates at school.  We learnt today what  shiver my timbers  means. I thought it was related to having a wooden leg, but it is actually related to the wooden support frames of the pirate ship.

    I am sure that our son will bring homework home tomorrow, ready for Monday night. Both kids have after school club tomorrow.  Our daughter has ballet, she has been asked to bring a teddy or a dolly to school.  I am not sure why, but I have put a teddy in her bag.

    With all the hassle of the weekend I have still not moved our son’s bed back.  It is heavy and a mission that I’m putting off.  However last night our 5 year old was quite comfortably slept underneath it.  Adding to the pressure of needing to move it back against the wall.

    Monday again tomorrow and back to the stress of the work day and school.  I have a busy morning arranged which I still need to plan.  There is never enough time, so another late night for me.  Anyway I am now going to go, plan my day and then get some rest.  Try and build up energy ready for tomorrow and the ongoing hard work of being mum.


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