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    Poetry – We are all important

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    Sitting here thinking about life and work,

    Thinking about it makes my head hurt.

    To sit on a beach and relax all day,

    To just watch the kids calmly play.

    Instead tomorrow is work and the kids have school,

    The same routine following life’s rules.

    If I did the lottery, I might win,

    But my life as I know it might go in the bin.

    For life is an unknown path we take,

    And our future’s we have to build and make.

    The effort we put in the struggle and the stress,

    We all need to strive through the pain and the mess.

    Whatever life throws at us we must carry on,

    For all to soon our lives are over and gone.

    So best wishes to everyone, we are all important,

    To life’s agenda we all make a statement.

    So next time you are feeling all lonely and down,

    Look after yourself, treat yourself, no need to frown.

    We are all unique, we all play a part,

    To this journey of life, from birth we start.


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    Wednesday drama’s


    Wednesday started as every other day starts. However today my 5 year old daughter got upset with me for dressing her, insisting she can do it herself. Putting her tights on caused further screaming and kicking. She is becoming more of  teenager every day, I’m wondering what those difficult teenage years are really going to be like. We then had the refusal to brush her hair and clean her teeth. We did achieve a child eventually washed, dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed and soon after left for school.

    The car needed defrosting today, first time in months. The can of de-icer was very handy and I was relieved I had left it in my boot.  On arrival at school I had to parallel park the car. As I was parking both kids climbed into the front, trying to concentrate on parking and getting stressed at them for getting out of their seats. Do other kids do this? Or is it just mine? So I hadn’t finished my manoeuvre when my 7 year old opened the passenger door and told his sister to follow him. No amount of shouting, threats, asking them to sit back down stopped them. They both climbed out, leaving the door open behind them.  There was nothing I could do apart from take a deep breath and finish parking. I was thankful that we stop in a quiet road before school, as I watched the kids run across the road to talk to a cat.  The amount of times I have asked them to not cross the road without me, but they will still happily cross.  However, admittedly they have not crossed a busy road without me so they do have some road sense.

    Every  morning the children like to see the cat that is often out for it’s morning walk, it is black and is very friendly. They have told me that we need to move to a quiet area as they want a cat of their own. We live on a main road and I do not want a squashed pet, I know that myself and the kids would be heartbroken.  If they see a dog they will always stop and stroke it, but the complications of needing to work, rules out any plans  of having a dog. Other people seen to manage it, but from what I understand a dog needs company and not be left alone all day whilst I am at work.  I’m sure they would love something soft and furry, did consider a rabbit but guess who would be cleaning it out.  Years ago I had two Gerbils, cleaning them was a mission as they bit and scratched, no fun at all.   If anyone has any amazing answers to this pet problem, I would love to hear them.

    So the work day is over, I arrived at my parents this evening to hear the children excited about Halloween. We are not trick or treating as I am nervous about knocking on random people’s doors. Our kids have been telling us about all the ghosts and spooks that will be out tonight. I am hoping they go to bed okay without any spooky fears as I am sure there has been a lot of talk about it at school today.

    Now it is evening, dinner is cooking and the kids are back on their electronic gadgets. I moan about them alot, I know,  but they drive me mad? I am sure my 7 year old is addicted to it, strong word, addiction, but when he is told he cannot have it he goes a little mad.

    Anyway I am now going to serve up dinner and then start getting the kids to bed. They have already read to Grandad so one less job for mum.  Back into my evening routine I now go.

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    The worst road trip we have ever had


    We had had a good holiday, it had been a busy week. All the excitement and all the planning was now over. We were leaving behind the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, the fresh air, the lush green hills and mountains. The last week was now just a memory and it will be a long time before we return. The journey is about 300 miles, we are now in no hurry to return and our next holiday will be closer to home.

    The drive to Yorkshire had been a mostly happy one. We stopped at service station’s which the kids found fun. They both had a good week and were well behaved for most of it, the experience of time away in a Pine Lodge with a bubbly hot tub was something special. It was October half term and the heat in the hot tub in the evening was amazing.


    You may be wondering if the journey there was good? The holiday memorable, why are we not going back soon despite the distance? Well the holiday memory was tainted by my lovely 5 year old, then only 4, driving home. For breakfast before we started our journey she had had blueberries on her cereal. You may be thinking, that’s a nice healthy breakfast. Well it is, but when you are about 50 miles into your journey with another 250 miles to go, you don’t want to hear vomiting, then your 6 year old screaming and your 4 year old crying. Guess who got the blame for her being sick? Yes, it was me because I was driving, the stress started there. I pulled over on to the hard shoulder and got her out of the car. I mopped the blueberry of her as best as I could, blueberry is not nice regurgitated. Then proceeded to try and clean the seat, she then needed a wee, so I helped her do that at the side of the road. Then putting a towel around her and the car seat, I lifted her back in. My 6 year old meanwhile had decided to get out of the car, despite being told to stay where he was. As he opened his door there was a crash and there was his drink bottle now smashed by the car. Not a good start to such a long journey.

    Once all back in the car, daddy had decided he was driving, because of course she won’t be sick if he is driving. A while later there was a cry of,
    “I need the toilet” as we went flying past a service station in the fast lane, too late, we had to carry on. When we eventually got to a service station and got everyone out we found that she had wet herself. I then had to go hunting in the suitcases, for knickers and leggings and do my best with her car seat. After using the facilities, we continued our journey. There was soon the sound again of more vomiting, more blueberry goo, then more crying. We stopped at the next service station, cleaned her up and changed her top. We had a few more incidences of blueberries reappearing and more wet knickers. I regretted not putting a nappy on her, but she has been dry during the day since she was 2. However, on such a long journey where you cannot relieve yourself easily I should have foreseen a problem.

    Lunchtime was another argument, daddy wanted Burger King, mummy had made sandwiches. Didn’t help that we parked in a Burger King car park to eat our dinner and we appeared to be the only people that stayed in the car, apart from using their toilets. The fact that our 4 year old was being car sick, I really didn’t want regurgitated Burger King in the car, she really would have cried at that and the smell of burger would have been awful.


    The journey felt like it lasted hours, we had changed her leggings and knickers three times and her top, I think, twice.  The fragrance of blueberries, sick and urine remained in the car and daddy drove the remaining 300 miles home. Our plan had been to share the driving, but the car sickness and the wet knickers added a lot of stress to the journey and the number of times that we missed service stations when we needed them also didn’t help.

    I have memories of the Yorkshire Dales as a child, happy memories of staying in a cottage and climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and  Ingleborough. Pen-y-ghent I would run up and Whernside I ran into a peat bog and will never forget it. I doubt that I will ever walk up them with our kids, unless daddy decides that he will do the journey again. It will be along time I think before he does and I don’t think I could manage the long drive alone.


    As we came over the Dartford bridge back into Kent we all cheered, we were nearly home. My daughter had now stopped being sick, I think also relieved that we were so close now to home. Our first stop before getting home was Morrisons for Zoflora, to help make the car smell fresher. When home, the priority was to just rest and relax, after spraying the car and car seat. I think I unpacked the suitcases the next day. Most of the clothes were clean as had been washed in the machine in Yorkshire. The blueberry and urine-soaked clothes went straight in the machine along with a few other items.

    The children still have happy memories of our holiday and told their friends at school about the hot tub. For them the bubbly hot tub was the highlight, not the castles and beautiful scenery or the pine lodge. My daughter does still eat blueberries but is not as keen on them now as she was a year ago. I guess once something makes you sick you go off them, this is why I am no longer keen on doughnuts or raspberry yogurt! too much of something is often not good. Thankfully the disastrous journey has not traumatised my daughter too much and I’m sure the next time we do go on holiday she will be excited about it, however long the journey.

    This post was in response to Lorna’s prompt for this week, Roadtrip, over at her blog, Gin & Lemonade

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