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    New years Eve poetry

    I can’t believe, it is New Year’s Eve.
    The year has gone, it was not long.
    Time flies by, I sit here and sigh.

    Just one hour till the midnight bell,
    What will happen next year? Time will tell.
    The years disappear and we wish them on,
    Before we know it time has gone.

    It’s important to live and we must enjoy,
    What life gives to us, we must not destroy.
    Live today don’t worry about tomorrow
    So many sayings to ease any sorrow.

    Living each day as if it’s your last
    As all too soon the time is in the past.
    Christmas is over and the new year rushes in,
    I wonder what mysteries it will bring?

    Will it be a good year, better than the last?
    Will time slow down, or go just as fast?
    What trips might we go on? and where might we visit?
    Will the kids be good or bad or will time feel infinite?

    So happy new year everyone!
    This is my official 100th post,
    Posting for 80 days now.
    Here’s my New Years toast!

    Happy New Year!

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  • Today was Monday and the last day of 2018.

    Monday – Last day of 2018

    Today was Monday and the last day of 2018. I struggled to get out of bed as I was the only one going to work.  We were woken by a little voice “daddy its 7.20 get up”.  I needed to get up and ignored the voice. Daddy told him to go back to his room.  He then sat on our bed and proceeded to play Minecraft.  Have you ever tried to fake sleep when you know that you need to get your lazy self out of bed and there is an annoying beeping noise going on from a computer game in the room?  I had to get up, I could not lie there any longer.

    Once downstairs I made toast and had my breakfast. Soon after my 5 year old appeared fully dressed and then daddy. It was hard leaving the house as my heart was at home with my family however, it was also nice to have a little break from the noise and the child stress.  Nice to see another adult and have an adult conversation.

    I then came back home, typed letters, sent emails and made phone calls.  I could hear my family and they were all too busy talking and playing to bother me which was good. I always find it hard returning to work after annual leave. I made my usual call to IT as my password had expired over the Christmas holiday and I could not log in.  I had a busy day and was relieved to finally turn off the laptop at the end of the day.

    I finally went and found my family.  The kids day with daddy is very different to a day with mummy.  The television has been on all day and the children were on their gadgets for most of it. One day the children will get a shock as mummy and daddy will actually both be tough with the iPad at the same time.

    My 7 year old proudly told me tonight that he was reading Roald Dahl, ‘Esio Trot’. I would really like both my children to enjoy reading.  Encouraging them to use their imaginations and enjoy what they are reading. I have always loved a good book but getting my children to turn off their gadgets and focus is difficult.

    Last day of the year today seems unbelievable that 2018 only has 2 hours left.  Both children were hard work to get to bed tonight.  Our son went to sleep before our daughter. She came back downstairs at 9.30pm complaining that she did not have a pudding tonight.  After that, she carried her dolls upstairs two by two.

    I wonder if the children will be any easier a year from now. I’m hoping that they are not harder.  We can only live day by day and do our best as parents.  Every day we do our best for them and work to give them the best we can.

    Nearly the new year and we are sat here watching Louis Theroux. We have already heard fireworks outside. I wonder if there will be many here as the clock strikes new year.  However, we will definitely put BBC1 on near midnight to see the London Fireworks.  I’m sure London is very busy tonight as always.

    Anyway, I am now going to go, my last day by day blog entry for 2018.  Tomorrow will be another year.  Happy new year to everyone! may next year be a good one.

    I’m now going to get myself another drink, then try and rest before bed. Be ready for my job again in the morning of being mum.

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    My self hosted experience

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    Lyrical Host ticks both these boxes.

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    If you are considering changing your hosting site or going self-hosted then do consider Lyrical Host.  Their prices are competitive as, unlike other companies, they will not increase their fees in your 2nd year.

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