Beautiful greeting cards
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Beautiful watercolour greeting cards

At the end of last year I entered into the world of blogging.  It has been an interesting and enjoyable experience. It Is a whole world that I did not know existed until October 2018.  Before Christmas one lovely blogger, Erin Burton, had a competition on her blog to win some beautiful watercolour greeting cards. I entered, not imagining them to be as lovely as they really are.

The cards finally arrived today safely from America to the UK, I was surprised by how nicely they are presented.

Beautiful Greeting cards

Erin has done a fantastic job, These cards are printed on archival fine art paper using archival inks which means that they will last many years. I am feeling very lucky to have won them.  Even though they are greeting cards I am certainly not parting with them.  I now need to find them a nice picture frame to go in.

Erin, thank you so much for such a truly lovely gift!

Erin is planning on having an online shop, these really are lovely cards, so if you are considering purchasing some you will really not be disappointed.


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