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Thursday kids and pictures

Today started the usual way but daddy did not have work today.  I helped to dress the children and after a lot of whinging, whining and stress we finally got out of the house.  Thankfully the traffic was good this morning as we arrived at school just on time.

Our usual parking space had a Jaguar Land Rover parked quite badly in it.  I tried to park as close as I could to the Jaguar so that the back of my car was inside the parking box. Meanwhile both kids climbed out of the seats and climbed into the front.  Why is that? the car is still moving and I’m trying my best not to hit the really expensive shiny car in front of me.

I left the children at the breakfast club and drove on to work. I had a busy morning and was relieved when I finally arrived back home to do my paperwork.  As I walked in the door I found a lovely surprise on the door mat.  Before Christmas I entered a blogging competition to win some greeting cards and today they arrived.

Beautiful watercolour greeting cards – Unbound Roots

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Big thankyou to Erin Burton, as you have made my day!

So after looking at my beautiful cards I sat down and did my paperwork.  Grandad bought the kids home from school which meant I could keep working till I was finished. It made life a little easier.

The children had had a good day at school, both came in jumping and laughing.  They then sat down with daddy and watched television whilst I finished work.

We had sausages for dinner tonight which meant that the kids ate most of their dinner.  They both love sausages.  The kids then read their books and it was bedtime.

A few weeks ago now I moved my sons bedroom around so that he could have an  Echo dot on his Ikea Kallax unit.  It meant moving his bed away from the wall due to needing to reach a plug socket and a piece of wall that juts out.   It is impossible to use the plug socket without the Ikea Kallax unit and bed moved. A few days later after an argument I confiscated it and he has still not had it back.

Since moving his bed our daughter keeps climbing behind it and sleeping there. Daddy has now said that the bed needs to moved back to its original position against the wall as we cant keep pulling our 5 year old out.  This also then causes issues with the plug socket. Kids do not make life easy.

So is anyone else finding the Word Press editors hard to get your head around? Last night I struggled to write a post with the Gutenberg editor. It was virtually impossible as it kept moving all my text.  I wanted it centralised but for some reason it would not allow it.  I was forced to finish it in the other Word Press editor.  Then I downloaded the classic editor plug in and really thought that this would solve my problems.

Today I installed the Word Press update then tonight I did my first post using the classic editor plug in. My photo in the text is smaller then I expected and I can not get it any bigger. Then when I finally published it, it said error. Then I tried again and it worked. However every day I get a message saying what day I am on as I am on a posting streak.  Yesterday was day 89, so tonight I was expecting day 90.  I have not received any notification.  I have checked the Word Press reader and it is there.  Is this all due to the Word Press update? or is it due to using a different editor?

I am now writing in the other Word Press editor to see if I get my 90 day notification. Also I am struggling with typing and I am  not sure if this is the fault of Word Press or my home internet. I also seem to have lost Grammarly.  My little green G is missing.  Life is never simple, kids, computers, Word Press they are all a bit complicated.

So tomorrow is Friday and a day off. I have shopping to do and my daughters wall to paint again amongst other tasks.  I am now going to go, see if I get my notification for 90 days posting in a row and then maybe get an earlier night. It has been a long day and will be a busy day tomorrow. I need my sleep to prepare me for the stress and joys of tomorrow morning and being mum.


Edited to add: Yes I have now been notified that I have reached 90 days, so it must be the different editor.


  • josypheen

    Oooooh congratulations! What a lovely surprise!! I have loved seeing Erins’s panting pop up on facebook and on her blog, so I am sooo chuffed that you are the winner.

    I hope you get to grips with the new WP editor! I have to admit, I gave up and went back to the old version classic editor… I have never managed anything like 90 posts in a row though!! You’re on fire!!

    • Just muddling through life

      Thankyou, I am very lucky, they are lovely.

      Yes the new editor is confusing. I installed a jetpack update last night I’m hoping that sorts out the error problems I have had with the editor. I wish I was more technical to understood what the messages mean. However for now I will keep posting in the old editor because I want my 100 day notification. I doubt I will be here again.

  • Just muddling through life

    Yes just 10 more to go, thankyou..( and my error issues were due to Jetpack and their spell checker hopefully sorted now)

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