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A Detective at work and life

Written for Pancreatic Cancer UK to fundraise and help raise awareness of this terrible illness since losing my dad in November 2020.

The Detective

With the fire raging, fiercely in the fireplace, the evening should have been romantic.  With the half-eaten take away pizza on the table and the full glasses of wine next to it, the evening should not have ended like this.   I see this too often, nice looking couples that have more to tell then your normal person on the street.  These two had a story to tell, it’s my job to work that out.

I’ve always wanted to be a Detective, catching bad guys a lifelong dream.  The good guys on the television will always catch the bad guy.  I wanted to be like them, doing something good for my community.

I enjoyed unravelling puzzles but this one had been particularly difficult. The body count was adding up and as we are desperately trying to tie the murders together more are getting killed.

Ella and Mark

Today’s bodies appeared to be boringly normal, digging deeper, Mark had been involved in a Cocaine Scandal years ago.  Researching Ella, we learned that she was an innocent party who had only known him a few weeks.  Her family didn’t know that he existed. Was she really just an unfortunate soul caught in the crossfire?

Digging up facts on the others, we found four cocaine dealers and two with no criminal record.  The count was now at eight and they had all been found at home.

Leading the investigation, we have our suspect, but we don’t know their motive.

The Cat

His life had taken a downturn the day he met mad Carla.  To keep him happy he had dealt with her customers and hid his cash in various bank accounts.  Now walking a fine line, he had always been honest till a drunken night in a bar when everything went wrong.  Taken in by her charms, he was a willing puppet and quick to do as she demanded.

As the business evolved, she had taken on Crazy Kev.  A man with a massive temper who didn’t take no, easily.  Once he had met his first victim he had continued, Cat knew that if didn’t keep his head down and carry on he was likely to be Kev’s next body.   Problem was, aware of the rising body count he wanted out, he had had enough.  Pulling out his phone he knew what he had to do.

The Detective

I’m Julie, working for homicide, you need a strong stomach for things I’ve seen.  This case has run for months and as I wondered where this would end, I received the phone call.  Grabbing my partner, we jumped again in his Ford.  Rushing to the address we had been given, the armed police were standing, guns ready.  Too often we raced in to find our informant already dead.

As we knocked on the door, we waited.  Hearing shouting, I was grateful for the men hiding at the back.  As the men around me are getting louder, we now break down the door.  Entering the property, the stench hit us. Walking into the living room, the blood scene was too gruesome to take in.

My detective made the discovery that we needed.  Down in the basement were more bodies and a man tied to a bar.  Evil lashes across his face which was red from crying and fear.


Rescuing Calum, we learnt about Mad Carla and Crazy Kev.   Knowing that Calum was uncomfortable, Kev had taken matters into his own hands.  Not realising that he had already phoned the police he brought him back to their central house.

We had been close to catching our man but needed to tie all murders to Kev.  With Calum safely in custody we finally had all the answers and all the victims finally had justice.   With Kevin and Carla jailed for life, Calum, known as Cat was able to finally enjoy his life as long as he attended Rehab, community service and stayed away from cocaine.

My life

From one case to another.  With this one now tied up; my mobile went.  Another murder and a new mystery to solve, calling my partner, once more we sat in his Ford.  This is my life; my career keeps me going and after losing my husband two years ago it keeps me sane.  My family have told me to stop, but I can’t.  If I stop, I will break so one case after another I will continue until the day that the I’m forced to retire.  Life has to go on, and it will as long as I keep the bad guys of the street.  Reaching our destination, I can hear the screaming.  Here we go again, back into another crime mystery.


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Written for A story a day for Pancreatic Cancer UK

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