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Amazon deals and Alexa enabled devices for the Smart home.

Note: This post does contain affiliate links so I will earn some commission for anything purchased through it.  This will then help to pay to keep my blog going.

Have you ever wanted to turn on the kettle downstairs whilst lying in bed upstairs? Or turn off the landing light without moving from your armchair?  Or turn the lights on or off in the children’s bedrooms without going upstairs to them?  Or turn the lamp on or off without having to find the button?  Or play some music without having to search for the correct Cd? Or talk to and see Grandma without leaving your house? Or talk to the television to find the programme you want to watch? Well, Amazon and Alexa have made all of this possible.

  1. Philips Hue Bulbs

These are the plain white normal bulbs. Available in Bayonet and screw in fitting.

2. Philips Hue white and colour ambience bulbs.

3. Philips Hue Bridge, needed to control the lights and smart devices. Unless you have an Echo Plus or Echo Show which has a Zigbee hub built in.  Note though that you can do more with the Hue bridge. Some functions are not available with just the Plus or the Show.

4. Smart plugs – These can make your devices smarter.  Enabling you to be able to talk to your kettle or Christmas tree lights or the lamp and many more as Alexa is controlling the power socket.


There are other brands of smart plug on Amazon.  We only have one and it is the one above.  My husband is enjoying the luxury of walking into the kitchen every morning with the knowledge that the kettle is already boiled.

5. App Kettle – if you really want to be smart and also control your kettle from your mobile phone.

6. Amazon Echo Show with built-in Zigbee hub to control smart devices.

Note I have tried to attach the link to the deal with a free Hue bulb.

Current Deal on purchasing two

The echo show can be used as a video phone. If a friend or relative has one, drop in can be enabled which means if you ask Alexa to drop in on mum, Mums echo will ring and you can then have a conversation.  This can also be used around the house, from the kitchen to kids bedroom or kitchen to master bedroom.  The echo show will also play Amazon music, just by asking Alexa to play an artist that you want to listen to.

Drop in is also available on the other Echo devices. Instead of shouting up and down the stairs, we can simply drop in on the dot in the bedroom or the echo in the front room or show in the kitchen.

Amazon music – very good deal for just 99p for three months.

Amazon prime delivery will also give you access to prime music.  However music unlimited will give you access to about 40 000 tracks. Prime music is about 2000 tracks.  With Prime, you also have access to Prime video as well as unlimited free delivery. You will also be eligible to subscribe to Amazon channels for a small fee.

7. Amazon fire television stick, now with Alexa – streaming media player, for use with Prime Video.


8. Amazon Echo Plus with built-in Zigbee hub to control smart devices.  I have been advised that the sound quality of the Echo show is better than the plus. The sound of the plus is advised to be better than the Echo.  It depends what you are really wanting your device to do.  The Echo show is great in the kitchen, especially as it has a screen but it is the most expensive.

9. Amazon Echo – which does not have a built in Zigbee hub
10. Amazon eco dot – a good competitor to the other devices and on offer at the time of writing.
11. Echo spot which also has a small screen.

12. Ring doorbell, which can connect to your smart devices.


Essentials for a smart home.  Alexa is fun to have and watching her turning devices on and off can be amusing.  My kids love her and my 7 year old wants an echo dot in his bedroom.  These devices (except ring doorbell) also have skills that can be attached to them.  Asking Alexa to play animal noises is funny and on the echo show, you can see the animal, once the skill is enabled.

Please let me know if I have missed anything. We personally own the Echo show, Echo, Echo dots, a smart plug, Hue light bulbs and a Kindle Fire 10 also with Alexa.

The link is below for the Kindle Fire.

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