Here we are in the world of blog
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The world of blog


Here we are in the world of blog,
A friendly world where writers log.
Feelings, life, advice and rhyme,
We all come and enjoy our time.

Bloggers World and Share and Inspire,
Blogging and a Beverage help light the fire.
Word Press, social media and Face book groups,
All working together in blogging loops.

We all here have good imaginations,
Writing down our trials and tribulations.
Working hard and balancing our lives,
With such understanding husbands and wives.

Some of us bloggers have been blogging for years,
Some just for months with a number of fears.
We all love to write but on different features,
No blog is the same, we are all different creatures.

So on with our blog, it’s our human nature,
And on with our bright blogging future.
So here we go on with the world of blog,
Its a lot of work but it is worth the slog.

So on comes June where bloggers travel to London,
With bloggers travelling from across the nation.
So we will all come and spend our cash,
To all meet together at the annual Bloggers Bash.


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