Today was another long Monday

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Today was another long Monday.  It started with me waking the children at 6.30am. Why is it that my little boy wants to lay in on a weekday when on a weekend he is awake at 6.00am. He moaned when I woke him and I passed him his clothes. Then he did not want to get dressed. I would have loved to have told him that it was alright to just go back to sleep. However, today was school, there was no going back to sleep. I got both children dressed, made toast, had cereal, drank coffee. Then tried to get out of the house on time. Trying to get two kids out of the house got stressy this morning, with me shouting to just clean their teeth and then to put their shoes on. Both kids were moving as slow as possible.

We finally left the house late then got to school just after 8.00am. The kids went into breakfast club with my 7 year old still complaining that he did not want to go. Leaving them waiting for their breakfast my little girl happily said goodbye to me. My son sat looking gloomy, not helped with there not being a  seat near to his friends. I left him sat there, feeling upset for him and drove to work.

Work was busy, I met some lovely people and drove miles. I was relieved when I got home and started work again.  My body is aching right now, with pain down my left leg and back pain. The efforts of driving, walking and carrying work equipment. Then sitting huddled in my arm chair in the evening I’m sure does not help either.  The practicalities of modern life. A new mattress might help but ours is only 6 years old and new mattresses are not cheap.

My dad had collected them from school again and found problems when he arrived. One of my son’s friends had given him a cat rubber a few days ago.  When writing his Christmas cards he wanted to give him something back. Unfortunately, he chose a red cat that belongs to his sister. She had agreed for him to put it in with the Christmas card but had not understood that it would mean that her cat would now belong to the other child. So the first child who it was meant for received the cat, then another child took it, this started an argument. Then when my daughter arrived with grandad she realised what they were arguing over and she wanted her cat back adding to the stress.

The cat is now with my son’s teacher and I have since phoned the school to explain what has happened. The school secretary knew the cat I was talking about as a few weeks ago it spent a day in reception. Hopefully, when she receives her cat back tomorrow it will not get lost. For a red cat that looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker, it has caused a few problems. A little boy’s kind-hearted gesture but not understanding that his sister is 2 years younger and yes does not always mean yes.

He also gave a girl in his class what looks like a jewel.  It was a plastic shell decoration that used to sit in the bottom of my tropical fish tank. I doubt there will be arguments with that unless she brings it back to school. I hope she leaves it at home, I don’t think his teacher wants a repeat episode of today.

My daughter read her book to me before dinner tonight. My son has again left his book at home along with his yellow book that has his spellings in the back. Neither child wanted to do any homework in their homework books. My 5 year old needs to write down some rhyming words. We have started but are a long way from finished.

The children did not go straight to bed tonight again. They were playing in my son’s bedroom which right now has a mountain of toys all over the floor. Trying to get them to tidy and do as they are told is a struggle. Parenting does not get any easier, it is hard work.

It is my day off tomorrow again, I have shopping I need to do and then maybe I might get time to relax which would be nice. However does mum ever get time to truly relax? I’m sure there will be something that will need to be done, time will race and I will soon be back at school collecting the children.

Anyway, I am now going to go, try and get some rest so I am ready for the hard work of tomorrow. The shopping, getting the children to school and the whole ongoing stress of being mum.

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