The snow is falling there is a chill in the air
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Christmas poetry

The snow is falling, there is a chill in the air,
Children are smiling everywhere.
People are racing around the shops,
Buying bargains, buying party frocks.

Parties and carolling, singing and rejoicing,
Tales of Santa and reindeer and the kids are wanting everything.
Mum is trying to keep everyone happy,
While dad is trying to keep the home merry.

Trees appear in houses throughout December,
Covered in tinsel and baubles, happy times to remember.
Families meet and families argue,
We are meant to be happy, not sit and stew.

For some of us we can relax and for some, it can be sad,
At Christmas, we need to remember the good times we have had.
It is a time for coming together, for looking after each other,
No one need be left out, sister to sister, brother to brother.

Our families are important and so are all our friends,
Sending Christmas cards and presents and our hearts we lend.
Happy Christmas everyone, a happy time so dear,
To one and all may you all have a good one! And then a very happy new year!

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