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Christmas stresses

Does anyone else get stressed at Christmas? The pressures of writing cards, buying presents, worrying that people will like your presents. Have you bought what they really want? Or will it be put in a cupboard and never used? Will it end up sold on eBay? Should you give a gift card? Will people think you are being lazy if you do? I know that I like to receive a gift card as long as it is for a shop that I shop at. My number one shop is Amazon and the addition of Amazon prime has made it a bit of an addiction, order one day and it often arrives the next.

Daddy has already had his Christmas present, black Friday saw to that and he wanted a Kindle Paperwhite. I felt jealous so I ordered one too. So that’s Christmas sorted for us. The kids had bikes earlier in the year, but you can’t really tell a child that they have already had their present in July time. I had been considering Kindles for kids. I have decided against that because they are both driving me mad with technology right now, plus it gets expensive.

My daughter desperately wanted a BFG toy so she will have ‘Whizzpopping Bfg’ I am hoping that we will not be wanting to hide his batteries too soon due to all his Whizzpopping.  I have also bought her a book, I’m a bit nervous to give it to her though as she likes to tear out pages.  The two do go together though.  She also has some Care bears. One day I will photograph her bears she has a lot. I am hoping that she loves them forever and they are not one day being sold on eBay.

Does anyone else get stressed at Christmas?  BFG and book

My 7 year old has got some K’nex, books and Lego Technic.  The big box of K’nex looks empty with what looks like just a few bits. I am hoping he is not too disappointed. I had thought of buying him more but then I would need to spend more on my daughter so I will leave it for now.

20181204_113750Does anyone else get stressed at Christmas?  k'nex

The escalating costs of Christmas and others expectations. There is so much in the news at the moment about people getting into debt due to Christmas. There is so much that I would like to buy but I know my limits and they already had bikes earlier in the year. I don’t think it would really matter how much I bought my children they would still say “it’s not fair” and “I want a such and such”. My little boy wanted a Lego truck, looking online I can see a Lego Technic truck for over £100.00. Lego can be very expensive and I am sure if I had bought it, it would have been me building it.

He does also have a lot of Lego already. One day I would quite like to buy him some Lego Architecture, that is not cheap either. There are plenty of birthdays and Christmas’s in the future if one day he is interested in building the Eiffel Tower.

We usually spend our Christmas day by ourselves playing with the kid’s toys and trying to relax. Is anyone else as unsociable as us? I like pretty much doing nothing all day and just enjoying being with my little family. Previous Christmas’s we have spent the day in pyjamas which in my mind is a great Christmas day.

In Christmas past, I have gone to mass Christmas Eve, I last went maybe 8 years ago before my 7 year old was born. Having small kids means going to mass is not possible unless you take two tired children. Trying to teach children the real meaning of Christmas rather then just the tinsel, presents and Santa. The nativity plays will be soon. The children do have some understanding but the last church service they went to was my nephew’s christening. Taking them to church is not helped by the fact that they will not sit still. They get bored very quickly and easily, they will be quick to get up and run off when they should be sat patiently. Maybe one year we will go to mass but that could be a few years in the future.

Does anyone else feel relieved when we reach the new year, January? The presents are all received, the festivities are all had and the family commitments are all met. I hate the pressures, however, it would be nice if we had more annual leave over Christmas. Special Christmas leave, however people still get ill and we all have work commitments. Just as the NHS stays open so do shops. Businesses have to start again. It is the way of the world and most of us have to work, some working to pay for the Christmas they have just enjoyed.

My children are asking to have the tree put up this weekend. I’m not ready for the stress of the tree yet. We only have a small front room and it is in the way. However, admittedly it is pretty when it is up. It is just the effort of decorating it and then living with it for a few weeks, or days.  I bought my tree possibly over 15 years ago, it is an old plastic tree that I really should replace, however it is still functional, it looks like a Christmas tree. The lights though are equally as old and some do not work, yes they need replacing, I’ve had a year to replace them and still haven’t,  bah humbug to me!

Anyway, I really should start to write some Christmas cards. They, unfortunately, will not write themselves sat in their box.  The school had decorated their tree yesterday, it looked lovely this morning standing proudly in the hall.

So I am now going to go, hope you all have a lovely Christmas and you are not as stressed with the preparations as I am. One day I will relax and enjoy all of it, rather than just the whole magic that is Christmas day. The children’s excitement is lovely and it does makes all the stress and build up to it worth it. I just have to keep telling myself this.  Anyway on with writing the Christmas cards now and then collecting the kids later from school, on with the stress of being mum.

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