• whilst doing it she started doing acrobatics

    Sunday homework and acrobatics

    Today was a normal Sunday apart from I had work I needed to do.  I was woken by my little girl crawling into bed for a nice warm cuddle. Once up, I had to put away the basket of washing away which the rest of my family were ignoring. Going downstairs I could feel the family stress, the kids not doing as they are told. Daddy getting upset with them and toast over the worktop. As I boiled the kettle for my coffee my 7 year old came in demanding more toast.  I put some bread in the toaster for him and got myself two Weetabix.  Sitting at the table eating my breakfast I started reading Facebook on my tablet. Then remembered the ironing, the kid’s school uniforms.  I finished eating and fetched the uniforms.

    Procrastinating over the ironing, I had a look in the kid’s school book bags for their homework. My 7 year old then read to me, we learnt about caterpillars and butterflies. He then had to write about a painting,  I left him having a think about his favourite, he has decided that it is Claude Monet’s ‘Waterlillies and Japanese bridge’


    I did suggest an ‘MC Escher’ but he likes the ‘Monet’.

    My 5 year old had to do some counting, whilst doing it she started doing acrobatics, her attention span is very short. We then tried to work on her spellings, we haven’t completed them yet as she wanted to play, see featured image.

    Note, we still have the child gate on the stairs because we lock it at night. We do not want the kids falling down them in the dark as they walk into our bedroom.

    Once we had got as far as we could with the homework, I completed the ironing and put it all away. After dinner I got my work finished, the kids meanwhile were playing in my son’s bedroom.  Later I found that they had been playing with water. There are books that are wet. Why do kids love water?

    My 5 year old asked to go outside this afternoon. I told her no because it is cold and muddy and I needed to work, so I could not watch her. Unfortunately, I had left the key in the back door. She completely ignored me and let herself outside. I soon heard her screaming and laughing as she was pedalling her bike around the garden. Sitting here now I have just remembered that I did not bring her bike down for her. So have just gone outside in wellies and pyjamas and searched for it.  I then found it lying down by the back door, so she had at least brought it off the garden for me. Just a shame I had forgotten about it.  Though better I remember it now, then 3am in the morning.

    So trying to get them to go to bed tonight, my 5 year old refused to clean her teeth. She threw her brush with toothpaste on across her brother’s bedroom. Daddy has shown her scary photos of what happens to your teeth when you don’t brush them, but she is still refusing. I think part of the problem is that she does not like the toothpaste. Morrisons seem to have stopped stocking the one she had before and liked.  Does anyone else have this problem?

    We finally finished reading the ‘Secret Seven’ this evening. I’m not sure how long ago it was when I last read it, but I did not imagine that the next time, I would be reading it to my kids. My 7 year old enjoyed it, my daughter was not as interested.

    The children did finally go to bed tonight, a little late but earlier than last night. Everything is ready for Monday again tomorrow, another busy work day and school.

    I am now going to get some rest and see what is left of ‘Seal team’. I am missing most of it because of writing.  So I am now going to go, try and build some strength to help manage the stress of Monday morning and being mum,


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