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    Thursday weariness

    Another  Thursday morning and the day started the same way as usual. My 5 year old refused to brush her hair and refused to let me do it for her. Little Miss Independent, she loves to do things for herself. My daughter is very much a girlie girl which is lovely, but somehow she keeps finding hair clips and hair bands at school. She tells me that her friends give them to her, I am not so sure. So this morning she went to school with her hair a complete mess with a hair clip shoved in it. I am hoping that the school realise that I do try and brush her hair. I don’t intend for her to go to school looking a mess. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?

    On arrival at school, I had to parallel park, the kids were shouting as I was trying to concentrate on parking. Hearing the words, “mummy you’re to close”  is very distracting when you are trying not to hit the car behind or in front.  The black cat was not there again, I hope it is alright. We always cross the school field walking into school. This morning they went running across the field kicking a ball they found as they went. Then my little girl was playing in the leaves just outside the front door.

    After leaving them I went to work, not too much of a drive this morning and was glad to work from home this afternoon.  The house was lovely and quiet till the kids were brought home by grandad. I went from being able to hear the hum of my laptop to not being able to think straight. The shouting and the “I want”, the plea for toast and the refusal to behave. The mess in the front room with the rug being used as a blanket.  Chairs taken from the kitchen so they can crash on the keys on the piano, despite me asking them to leave them and the piano alone.  This all adds to our parenting nightmare.


    My 7 year old had rugby club today and came home muddy again. I should have realised when I signed him up for it that it would mean lots of mud. So this weekend I need to wash his plimsolls and PE kit again. It also meant that he needed a bath. Rather than waiting for me to run the water for him, he started running it. By the time I got to him the bath was full of mostly cold water. I had to let water out whilst putting hot in to get a warm bath. Why can’t kids just wait when you ask them to? He then kept moaning about the water temperature. As the bath was full of mud it was only a short bath and in my mind the water was warm.

    They did both eat most of their dinner tonight but getting them to bed was as difficult as always. The refusal to get changed and jumping on the bed, shouting and laughing.  My 7 year old threw his toothbrush at me when he had finished with it. It caught me on the arm, which caused most amusement for him. He then demanded that I read the remainder of the ‘Secret Seven’ to them.  I refused, as it was late and they were not behaving. Other parents tell of kids that just go to bed, then have a story all nice and calm. Not here, bedtime is anything but calm.

    They are both asleep now, looking very cute now in their beds. Kids always do look cute asleep but when awake they are little horrors.  I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow, I’m hoping that I achieve more then I did on Tuesday. I still want to find some time to read my book. I have three books sitting neglected by my bedside. One is ‘The foreigner’ by Stephen Leather as Jackie Chan starred in the film. I found the film very good so I’m expecting the book to be even better. I often find books better than the film.

    Daddy fixed the Amazon echo this morning, he pulled the plug out and plugged it in again, she is now playing Blur. So simple and I was planning on phoning Amazon for help, I’m very glad I didn’t.

    Anyway, I’m now going to get some rest before the stress starts again tomorrow and the demands of being mum.

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