• water was now on the carpet and no water had been sucked back up

    Tuesday, a care bear and a broken Vax

    Today started as usual with Alexa announcing 6.30am. I left my daughter in bed as long as I could. She was not happy when I woke her up and got her dressed.  The usual morning stress of getting up and out of the door. Then queuing in the traffic to school and daddy’s work.

    Arriving at school today we saw the black cat, so he is alright. He has just been staying indoors I guess in the cold weather. The kids raced over and made a fuss of him.  We left my son at breakfast club and then turned the car around and headed home. Once home, despite it being my day off I had work I needed to do. My little girl sat on my kindle whilst I loaded up my work laptop. Then I had phone calls to take whilst my 5 year old was asking for toast.

    Once my work was completed I had to try and wash the landing carpet where my daughter had been sick on Sunday evening. I sorted out the shampoo and started cleaning the carpets. As I was washing I started to wonder why the plastic tank was not full of water. I then realised that all the water was now on the carpet and no water had been sucked back up. A while ago the plastic cap that goes over the hole on the tank went missing.  I thought maybe it just helped keep the water in.  Well surprise surprise, it does have a purpose.  I  put my the palm of my hand over the hole and the suction started drawing the dirty water out of the carpet into the tank.

    I phoned Vax hoping they could send me a new cap.  They advised me I would need to buy a new dirty water tank with the cap attached. So I have noted I can buy a new tank but first I need to try and find the missing cap. I know it is inevitable that if I pay Vax for a new dirty water tank, I will then very quickly find it.

    This then had me wondering how to seal the hole to help produce the suction, I tried one of daddy’s socks. This worked for a while but was not terribly effective.  I then gave up on the sock and started crawling around the floor with my hand over the hole.  This produced better results and I tipped a lot of dirty water down the drain.  However the job is not perfect, some dirty marks are still obvious on the carpet where the dirty water was not drawn out properly. The sick mark is no longer there but now I’m either needing to buy a new dirty water tank or try and find a second hand one.

    My 5 year old has been quite good these last few days with being so unwell. A few days ago I purchased a ‘Good Luck bear’ care bear of eBay. I think he is from 2003 but very good condition and about 10 years older than my daughter. She loves care bears and was very happy when I gave her ‘Good Luck bear’.  She has not really put him down since I gave him to her.   Today he went to school to collect our son, to grandma and grandad’s and then to daddy’s work. So this old bear now has a new friend and has made my little girl very happy. Just wish that he really did bring good luck. Maybe he does if you believe he does.

    My 7 year old had PE and then netball today. I realised as I was putting the Vax away that his PE kit was still at home. His plimsolls were still in the airing cupboard drying due to washing them after Rugby last week. When we got to school I found that they had lent him a top to wear and he was not happy with me for forgetting. Tomorrow he has forest school, thankfully he reminded me. So his wellies and clothes are now in a carrier bag by the door.

    My son read to me this evening and completed his reading book, my daughter refused. Then when putting them to bed she refused to clean her teeth. Daddy has shown her photos of what happens if you don’t clean them and she still won’t clean them. I’ve told her she does not want teeth like Queen Elizabeth 1st. Any advice here? how do you get a 5 year old to clean her teeth? she has two electric girlie toothbrushes. I think at first it was the taste of the toothpaste that she did not like as it was a different one to what she was used to.  However she now also won’t clean them with the toothpaste she has used for years.

    My son wanted ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ read to him tonight. I read the book and he did all the sounds ‘swishy swashy’, I love this book. My little girl fell straight to sleep. Today was the first day since Friday that she did not spend most of the day asleep.

    I am really hoping that both kids get to school tomorrow and nobody is sick tonight. After spending time rearranging my week, I really need to go to work and so does daddy.  I am now going to try and get some rest and try and build my strength for the morning and the challenges of being mum.

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