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    Cold wet Thursday


    Today has been a normal long Thursday. The rain added to the stress of driving through heavy traffic this afternoon. The windscreen wipers chasing each other and the hum as they go backwards and forwards. The air conditioning helping to prevent the cold air steaming up the windows. I don’t like this weather, they have threatened minus degree weather tonight. I’m contemplating bringing my palm tree indoors, but it is so cold outside I don’t want to go out there.  I think maybe I should be putting the fleece plant  coats and bubble wrap on some of my  plants tomorrow.  The garden still needs to be mowed but it might be a while before that happens.

    It was raining when we got to school this morning. Rather then waiting in the warmth of the car until it was nearer the time of breakfast club, both kids insisted on getting out into the rain. Why do kids do that? Cold and wet and they wanted to be out in it.  My 5 year old ran off without her coat. I locked the car and chased after them.

    The work day had it’s usual problems and like so many other days my longest phonecall was to IT again. Their number is on my work mobile. Without computer experts the world would grind to a halt. We are so dependent on computers and it makes life easier when an expert can access your laptop remotely and fix it. I wish I knew more about them but some night’s I struggle with Microsoft Word.

    The kids had after school clubs today. My 7 year old had rugby and came home covered in mud.  His PE kit is filthy and his plimsolls are now on the kitchen radiator drying as they were muddy too.  On a cold wet afternoon why play Rugby outside? They could have done something in the school hall.  Maybe I need to get him some trainers to go with his PE kit at school.

    My 5 year old goes to cookery club and made kebab’s today. She had made one for her brother which was thoughtful of her. They were both happy and excited when I collected them this afternoon. It was lovely to see their smiling faces after my long work day. Both were tired and grumpy this evening.

    After dinner my 7 year old read a few pages of his book and my little girl read to daddy.  I was then asked to read ‘Enid Blyton’s, Secret Seven’ to them.  I read chapter one of the first book in the series last night, tonight I read Chapter two.  I haven’t read these books in many years and they do feel a bit painful now to read, I loved these book’s as a child but now the character’s do not feel real. The oat biscuits and blackberry drink, meeting in their shed with S.S on the door and having a password. The language used illustrates how old the books actually are. When I was a child a friend had a garden shed and we copied the Secret Seven, we had a password and tried to find a mystery to solve.  There never was a mystery but I can remember pretending. Did anyone else do this with their friends? Imagine they were part of a mystery club like the ‘Secret Seven’ or the ‘Famous Five’. Any other big child fans of the ‘Enid Blyton’ mystery books?

    After reading to them, they both went to sleep quickly. Which meant more time to ourselves tonight.  It is nice when they go to straight to sleep rather than playing for ages first.

    Tomorrow is my day off again, back to trying to tidy the house and yet again doing a load of washing. I’m sure tomorrow morning will be just the same as today. Maybe tomorrow I might be able to rest for a while. Would be nice to find some time to read my book, but does mum have time to stop? It always feels that there is something else I should be doing. Tomorrow or maybe some day soon, whilst the kids are at school, maybe I will have a break from the usual routine and the drama of being mum.

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