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    Friday thinking


    Today started as every other school day starts. My daughter refused to let me brush her hair like most mornings, insisting on doing it herself. I left them at breakfast club planning a quiet day ahead. I finished the shopping on the way home and after putting it away had my first mug of tea.

    It wasn’t long till I was caught in the rabbit hole of kids Christmas presents. My kids do not need toys, they have loads. They both spend hours on daddy’s IPad.  My little girl is behind on her reading and my son is ahead but it is difficult to get him to read. A visit to the library is something they both enjoy, but they love to run around, shout and climb the bookcases. It occurred to me that I could maybe get them Kindles for Christmas in the ‘Black Friday’ sale in a few weeks, then they could have access to books with Kindle Unlimited.  After phoning Amazon I learnt that this gives membership for self published e-books, so I would still have to pay for Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Michael Morpurgo and other popular children’s author’s. Of course this also means no Dean Koontz, Stephen King or other popular fiction authors either.  I don’t mind reading self published books, I might have my own one day, but I do have particular authors that I enjoy reading.  Is anyone else in a similar situation? Wanting the kids to read more and you want to read more? Buying lots of books is not an option, I have books in the loft that I can’t get to. Storing them leads to a scenario of where do I put them?  The only option is buying Kindle books but I also learnt today that they can be more expensive then purchasing a paperback. Plus most books that I have bought are from a charity shop. A contribution to charity and a bargain for me. Second hand books are great.  So any ideas here? As I am now stuck.

    I did another load of washing and put washing away, washed up the dishes and put them away and vacuumed downstairs. Exciting mum jobs with more happening tomorrow.  I tried to rest a bit today but spent most of the morning doing housework, reading Facebook and then trying to work out Kindle’s.  Despite the need to rest our kids are still a priority. Very difficult to switch off from things that need to be thought about.  Trying to think of ways to help my daughter progress at school, a Kindle seemed like a good option. However tonight she told me that she wants a  ‘BFG’ toy for Christmas. This evening she found the book and asked daddy to read it to her which was lovely to hear.

    My 7 year old wanted me to read ‘The Secret Seven’ again. Tonight we read chapter 3, which ended with Jack planning on leaving the house in the night to find his Secret Seven badge that he had lost whilst building a snowman.  The book was first written in the late 1940s, I wonder how many kids then went out late at night?  Now in 2018, I hope that my kids don’t have the same idea.  Big reminder  to ensure that key chain is on the door just incase. I’m sure that Jack will find a mystery to solve in chapter 4, rather then the reality of what actually could happen to a young child late at night.

    When I collected the kids from school today, I learnt that my daughter had sneaked her brush and mirror in her book bag.  She had caused great amusement by frequently brushing her hair. I apologised as I had no idea that she had it with her. Her homework this weekend is a choice of six different options. We will start at the easiest and work towards the most difficult. I think that mummy the helicopter will be very involved trying to help her. My son’s isn’t easy either, tomorrow could be a busy day.

    After being read to tonight they both went straight to sleep. An easier evening, much better then the exercise of climbing stairs numerous times. Hopefully I can get an earlier night too, build up my strength for the job of being mum again tomorrow.

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