• She then said "mummy I'm going to be sick"

    Friday sickness

    Late last night I went into my little girl to check she was sleeping alright. She looked up at me crying and said, “mummy my tummy hurts”. I rubbed her tummy and felt her head, she was hot and sweaty. She then said, “mummy I’m going to be sick”. I pulled back her duvet and went to help her up. Unfortunately, we were not quick enough and she was sick over her pillow.  Then again over the landing before we made it to the bathroom.  After I cleaned her, changed her and sorted out her bedding she then went back to bed. She then slept through till morning.

    The morning started in the normal way except I woke my daughter up as late as I could and then got her dressed. Not happy to be woken up she had a little cry. She then refused to wear her winter coat, happier in her summer one.

    Once again I was left carrying the bags into school and my daughter would still not wear her warm coat. Being ill meant no spelling test today, no forest school and her homework book is still at school so that’s one less thing to argue over this weekend.  My son was upset that I didn’t take him into the hall. He waved goodbye to me in the doorway looking very sad, but I couldn’t leave my daughter.

    We left her brother at school, really hoping that there would not be a phone call later to come and collect him. My day was productive and I got some work done, will hopefully finish it tomorrow. My daughter spent most of the day asleep. She came down once saying she was hungry and then managed to eat a piece of toast.

    I went up to her later and woke her to collect her brother from school. Again she started crying, she was now upset because her ears hurt and she wanted daddy.  I got her out of bed and soon after we were on our way to collect my son.  She had grabbed her Paw Patrol blanket to keep her warm in the car.

    I hate it when my children are not well. As well as the extra washing due to sick, it’s horrid to see them in pain. Paracetamol did not seem to cut it today and because she had hardly eaten I was reluctant to give her Ibuprofen. Standing outside my son’s classroom, she started whining again. It was cold today which really did not help.

    My 7 year old was happy because he got all his spellings right today and then upset because he got one wrong on his times’ tables.  I told him that one wrong is very good, he is doing well. He gets very upset when he makes mistakes. He had some sweets as a reward which he shared with his sister.

    When we got home, she put herself back to bed. My son then wanted food and to play on my kindle.  A little later my daughter then came downstairs and cuddled up on my lap. It’s so nice cuddling up when they are not well however I am fearing that I will be sick as well.

    She has just woken up crying, she is snuggled up under her duvet and is now running a high temperature. So now we are trying to cool her down but she wants to lie on her tummy with the duvet over her head. It makes keeping her cool difficult.  If she is still as hot in the morning it could mean a phone call to NHS 111. We are hoping that paracetamol and moving the duvet back to get air into her will help to cool her down.

    I’m hoping there will be no more sick this weekend but I am expecting that my little boy or myself might be sick by morning. Hence I did not serve up baked beans with tonight’s dinner as tomatoes stain and are not to easy to wash out.  I made the mistake when my 5 year old was last unwell of giving her tomato soup, that was a lovely mess when it came back up.

    Anyway, I am now going to get some rest. I  have work to do tomorrow as well as more washing again and a sick child. Hopefully, my daughters’ temperature will have come back down and she will be feeling better. Tomorrow will be back into the weekend routine, my son has his homework to do and I will be back to the weekend stress of being mum.


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