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    Wednesday climbing

    The morning started in the same way, but daddy shouted upstairs to make me get out of bed.  The downstairs Amazon Echo is not well and I still need to phone Amazon for some help.  We got out of the house on time and joined the queue of traffic to work and school.

    After parking the car outside of the school the kids ran over the road to the house where the black cat lives. My calling to them was ignored as they just continued running up the strangers drive. They then noticed two of their school friends coming out of their house. Running to them they almost ran straight into their home uninvited, still ignoring my shouts. Why do kids do this? My two love to run and they have no awareness of when they could be perceived as rude.

    I left the children at breakfast club and headed to work. I had a busy morning and then battled the traffic back to then start work again at home. It was nice to see the kids after work. My 7 year old had got very muddy doing forest school this afternoon and my little girl was happily giving biscuits to my parent’s dog, whilst climbing on the kitchen cupboards.  My daughter is fearless with her climbing as my parents have a quarry tile floor. She already knows how much it hurts to fall on it but, yet she still climbs. We always pull her down anxiously.

    My little girl is very accident prone. The amount of accidents she has had is scary. She takes after her mother. I have scars across my forehead that tell the tale of an adventurous child who would not stop climbing. So how do you stop a child climbing? How do you make them realise that they need to be more careful? Falling makes no difference. Though to be honest falling never stopped me either. I loved going up trees, thinking back it is actually scary how high I would go.

    So, this evening once home, my daughter was crying for her dinner. I had to cook it first. She was then climbing for chocolate spread, eating it straight out of the jar. When I finally put it on the table  I thought she would eat it all.  This was fish fingers one of her favourite foods. She kept getting up and hiding by the fridge. She then left most of her meal but did want a yogurt.  I then realised that she had hidden a bag of crisps by the fridge and was worked her way through the packet. Not a daft child but frustrating.

    It got too late tonight to read to them. It was 8.30pm when I left my 7 year old in bed. My little girl came back downstairs trying to find her slippers and asking for one of her toys that has a light on it. She would not just go straight to sleep, anything to delay going. I would love to go to bed at 8.30pm, but there is just too much to do as an adult. However, when I was her age I’m not sure if I went straight to sleep either.

    I was the child who would read in bed every night, by the glow of the landing light. My parents would ignore it as when I was reading in bed I was being quiet. Admittedly there were occasional days when I didn’t go to school due to being too tired and exhausted. I’m hoping my kids do not do this, though there are days where my 5 year old has tried to fall asleep at school.  I’m not sure how much school I missed but this was really not the best plan.  Admittedly my mum didn’t work so keeping me home just meant her day was disturbed. For me I work, so tired or not they really need to go to school.

    My 7 year old was asleep tonight by about 8.45pm, my daughter by about 9.30pm. I’m hoping that they are alright tomorrow. I am conscious that being tired might reflect in their school work. However, how do you make a child just go to bed and go to sleep? I need a magic answer.

    I am now going to try and get some rest now, I am watching ‘The Heist’ on ‘Sky one’. Tomorrow will be here all to soon, back to work and back to the morning drama of being mum.

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