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    Friday Twits



    The day started with the normal wail of Alexa at 6.30am. Followed by the normal stress of getting ready for school. The IPod is the new IPad, my 7 year old had been left in his room to put his socks on. Instead I found him playing a game, daddy then went and helped him with his socks, whilst I was sorting out our 5 year old. Dodging the traffic we arrived at the school in good time. We were not able to park in our usual space, so again didn’t see the cat today.

    Plan’s of reading my book didn’t happen. I’m learning that Facebook and blogging can take a lot of time. The morning vanished and I was soon back to collecting the kids from school. My daughter has now lost her school jumper and my little boy is doing fantastic with his spellings and maths, unlike myself he enjoys maths.  Maths was my least favourite subject at school. If I could bunk it and miss the lesson I would.  I had piano lessons at school, I  would book the lessons to clash with it. Then if the piano lesson finished early I would hide in the toilets until the class had finished.  Thinking back I really did myself no favours at all. It took me three attempts to get a C grade pass at maths GCSE. The 3rd time was an evening class alongside my evening class degree whilst working full time. That year the maths exams were harder then my degree exams. Now my maths is still rubbish and the calculator on my phone is a friend.

    Now watching my little boy doing so well, he makes me feel very proud. He says he hates school but he must enjoy the learning to be doing so well. With the IPad confiscated he has started to show more interest in books. Over the last week he has been reading ‘The Twits’  by ‘Roald ‘Dahl’.  He was reading it this morning on the way to school then read it again on the way home. The book is now finished and he now wants to read ‘Roald Dahl, Boy’. He still has his school book to read and says he does not like reading out loud and would rather read it in his head. To be honest I do understand that. Reading in your head is quicker and takes far less energy. However obviously I need to hear him read his school book.  We have so many books it is lovely to see him finally reading one of his own proper books without me nagging at him.

    Both kids are now saying they want Kindle Fire’s for Christmas. Both saying they will read, however there are distractions on the Kindle too, games.  He has been good without the computer games. I’m now trying to weigh it all up in my head.

    Getting home this evening my daughter immediately wanted food. I told her no because I was cooking dinner. She ignored me and started going through the bread bin for bread wraps. She then started really protesting to me telling her no and started to shout saying she was hungry and needed food now.  To compromise I let her have a piece of toast. The consequence then was about half an hour later she left all her dinner. This was not helped by her wanting to watch the IPod at the dinner table. I took the Kindle and the IPod of them under protest. She then put down her knife and fork got out of her chair, walked around the table and picked up the IPod. Then ignoring my protests she walked out of the room. Needless to say her dinner went in the dustbin. She had had a decent meal at school today but I was still left thinking, how could I have handled that better? I am forever telling them no gadgets at the dinner table. It’s a time to talk about our day, not sit with our noses down playing games or watching You Tube. I’m sure many families around the world handle this far better then me, but night after night I am faced with it.

    Both kids went to bed alright tonight. I read the ‘Secret Seven’ to them, then left my 7 year old reading ‘Mog and the V.E.T’ The mog books belong to my 5 year old and we have read them many times to both kids. They are a favourite bedtime book.  My little girl was playing in her room and awake longer then my son, but she was at least playing nicely upstairs.

    Tomorrow we have homework and reading to do. My son’s teacher queried the fact that he put sausage on his biscuit last week. There was pizza and a meat ball too, it was a very different sort of biscuit.  I am hoping when their homework is completed, maybe we can find Babe, (‘The Sheep pig’ by ‘Dick King Smith’) on Netflix. Though I’m sure if we do both kids will very quickly be bored, despite them wanting to watch it.

    I’m now going to try and relax a bit, with what is left of the evening before the child stress restarts tomorrow. All part of the daily joys of being mum.


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