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    Sunday homework and a film


    Today began early again with our 7 year old demanding breakfast at 5.30am.  Daddy got up with him and about an hour later our little girl was up as well. I was woken at about 7.00am by a lot of screaming, shouting and laughter. My kids can rarely play quietly. My son has spent his day refusing to do his homework and daddy has finally agreed the Ipad needs to go away. I will be amazed if he sticks with it. I would have confiscated it months ago but daddy gives in to the begging and crying.

    We did achieve getting his reading book completed, ‘Winnie the Twit’ who put rats in her ratatouille and worms in her spaghetti bolognese. We also made the decision to watch ‘The BFG’ again as daddy has never watched it. For months it was free on ‘Netflix’. Yesterday we discovered it is no longer there. This morning I was online trying to find the best place to buy the blu-ray, when daddy found it on ‘Sky Store’ to buy and keep. This meant that we could watch it immediately. We decided I could do the ironing whilst watching it and we would have a late dinner.

    So we started watching ‘The BFG’, both kids love this film and have watched it a few times on ‘Netflix’ with me. I proceeded with the ironing. It wasn’t long till my 7 year old went back to the Ipad and my little girl started moaning about being hungry. After the ironing was completed we decided to pause the film and sort out dinner. We had agreed on spaghetti bolognese (without ‘Winnie the Twits’ worms). As dinner was being served up the kids both asked if we could watch ‘The BFG’ on the television in the kitchen. Thinking this was a good idea we put it back on. It wasn’t long before both kids announced that they had finished dinner and wanted to leave the room. Why do kids do this? Why can’t they just sit and watch a film? Even a film that they have asked to watch. This is one reason that neither of us have ever attempted to take them to the cinema. I am certain that we won’t be too far into the film when one or both say they are bored. If any of you have ever watched ‘The BFG’, our kids favourite bit of the whole film is when the queen’s corgis drink the Frobscottle. We have had to rewind it numerous times just to re-watch this bit.

    In between watching the film and dinner, we got some reading done, then more reading before bed. My daughter also worked on her spellings. However, our son still needs to design a biscuit. We have made suggestions and he has described his new biscuit to us, however, he has not put anything on paper. Why do kids do this? It is so frustrating for us as parents. With my 5 year old I helped to draw her ‘Jumblies’ yesterday in their sieve, because I know she would have found it hard to draw anything that resembled the ‘Jumblies’. I am sure my son can draw and label a biscuit, I think my 5 year old could have managed that. Right now we are putting the laziness down to the obsession with the IPad, another reason why daddy has now finally had enough.

    Tonight I read them chapter 5 of the ‘Secret Seven’ the first meeting in the garden shed discussing what Jack saw when he went out at night. My son then made daddy read him ten pages of ‘The Twits. They were both put in bed at 7.30pm tonight, my 7 year old is now asleep but my little girl has now reappeared downstairs. It is now 8.40pm and she has come down for her colouring pencils and colouring book. Why won’t she just go to bed? She will be exhausted tomorrow, which then affects her school day as she is sleepy.

    Back to work tomorrow, the day I’m sure will start as every other weekday starts. Then I have to collect a colleague as she is shadowing me. I’m sure it will be another long day as the traffic never gets any easier. Hopefully tomorrow evening we will get the biscuit homework finished and I’m hoping that daddy does not give in to the protests and tears for the IPad.

    It is now time for me to get things ready for work and school tomorrow. Then try and get some rest, so I am ready for tomorrow’s morning stress of being a mum.

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