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    Monday aches

    Another Monday, another early wake up, another cold wet drive to school. My 5 year old did not want to leave the comfort of her bed but we had to take daddy to work and big brother to school. I spent my day working from home with my daughter upstairs sleeping.  The weather matched my mood today, gloomy.  My 5 year old called me up to her twice so she was a good girl really, She called me to pass her drink bottle and then because she was hungry. For once a chocolate spread sandwich was not good enough, she wanted cheese, tomato and lettuce.

    My 7 year old is still alright at the moment and I am hoping he stays well.  I do not like seeing my children ill. After work I collected my son from school, he had been doing art and crafts. He really enjoys it and came out talking to a little girl about making slime. Somehow he had glue up his right arm, he likes messy play like a lot of children.

    When we arrived home, unfortunately, he found the IPad whilst I finished some work and sent emails. Then he refused to read, foot down and determined to just play Roblox. My 5 year old was happy to have him home to play with. They were sat together on the settee.

    Dinner tonight was either reheated pasta bolognese, or something else. I did not fancy a repeat of last night, I still need to use the VAX on the landing. It has left a lovely dark yellow sick mark.   My little girl wanted sausages, which she had a few mouthfuls of. They are normally her favourite but tonight she could not eat them. My son though ate his and then complained that he wanted more, a good healthy appetite when sausages are on the menu.

    At bedtime, my little girl wanted the iPod.  She had been asleep most of the day and after taking away the iPod she fell asleep again. I’m hoping tomorrow she is more awake and alert so she is ready for school on Wednesday. My son now wanted to read, after the earlier arguments trying to get him to read and now it was bedtime, he wanted to read.  I sat thinking that I should listen to him, reading is important, but he should have read to me when I asked him too.

    Parenting feels like a constant balancing act, trying to teach them discipline as well as being a parent they want to spend time with.  I don’t want to scare them, I want them to want to spend time with me. I want them to feel that they can confide in me when they need too.  It is hard sometimes to be kind with love and not let them get away with playing me. Do other mums feel this? I wanted him to read but not when he should be going to sleep. Bedtime was late due to the time it took to cook the sausages.

    So tomorrow is Tuesday and supposed to be my day off. However, due to my daughter being unwell today, I still need to work out my day on Wednesday. So when I could be potentially spending quality one on one time with my daughter I won’t be able to all of the time.  It is very rare that we have alone mum and daughter time, or mum and son time, sometimes I feel that it is necessary. I could also do with the time to just rest, I am exhausted right now.

    Anyway, I am now going to hopefully get an early night, ready for tomorrow morning and the ongoing challenge of being mum.


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