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    Tuesday and fallen leaves

    Another Tuesday, another day off. However, today was not a day off due to overtime.  Overtime is always a good thing especially when I can do it from home. The day started in the normal way.  My 5 year old cried when I tried to brush her air.  It is full of knots which means it hurts her. Being 5 she does not understand that brushing it properly reduces the tangles.  We had the usual stress trying to get out of the house and refusal to wear warm coats. I grabbed them both as I walked out of the door. Negotiating the traffic to school we finally got there on time.

    The black cat was missing again but it is very cold. Both kids complained of the cold and were grateful to see that I had brought their warm coats. They then ran off again leaving me to carry their book bags and my sons’ lunch box.  I found both playing in the leaves, my little girl continued kicking them as we were waiting to go into the breakfast club.

    On leaving the school I returned home and started my work. So a busy few hours and no time for relaxing, however, I did wash the yogurt covered rug and do a load of washing. The children had an after-school club today which gave me an extra hour to myself which I needed.  I didn’t get everything finished so will be working on Friday too.

    When I collected the children they were awkward as they often are. I got given all the bags again, then they walked/ran to the car. They like to climb on people’s walls and run through their gardens, I shout and get ignored.  I’m just waiting for an angry resident to come out and really tell them off, maybe that is what is needed.  However, I fear that it will be me who gets the blame as their mum.   One house has nice white stones in their front garden. My 7 year old has a few times stood in their garden throwing them.  I shout, telling him to come out and leave them alone. I’ve had to lift him out kicking before.  Why are stones so appealing?

    Why do kids like making mummy shout? My 5 year old will pick up a handful and try and keep them.  Over and over I have had to explain that they belong to the house, they live in their garden, not ours. So many times I have prised stones out of their clenched hands and put them back. I so often feel like a crazed woman standing there shouting whilst my two children just ignore me.

    When home I tried to get them to finish their homework. My son had left his reading book at school and my little girl had read to grandad. We finished her counting but had an argument with our 7 year old over his Monet painting. He had to write a minimum of three sentences, we discussed it and helped with ideas of what to write. He has written something but I think we need to try and expand it tomorrow.  I don’t understand how when he has a good idea of what to write, why he doesn’t just write it. Maybe it is because he is 7 and I expect too much.

    My kids favourite book to be read at bedtime is ‘When the dragons came’.  They like me to change the words, so I become Amelia Topping or (Marian Topping) my son is Frederick Creeding, daddy is Jeremy Stamping and my daughter is Olivia Turning. Tonight the dragons were Hyenas and they all live in Lion town. It’s rare now that they let me read the true words. They sit there laughing as I change them.

    Tonight they both went straight to bed after hearing the story which was good. It made a nice change and meant no one jumping on their bed tonight. I’m sat here listening to Blur. It’s nice sometimes to turn off the television and just listen to music.

    Anyway, I am now going to stop and get some rest. I’m feeling hungry, I’m going to see what is in the fridge that I can eat. Then maybe get an early night, back to work tomorrow and a long drive first thing.  Plus the demands of the kids in the morning and my job as their mum.


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