• Being woken during night never fun

    Saturday tiredness

    Being woken during the night is never fun. The number of times my 5 year old woke up crying was exhausting for both of us. My 7 year old came and woke up daddy at the normal early hour leaving me to sleep. It was much later that I woke up and found my little girl in bed on the iPod playing a game. My son was downstairs on the iPad, daddy had given in to pester power.

    A little later the kids started shouting to each other. They were playing the same game and were linked up in cyberspace. Not sure what the game was but there was a lot of laughter going on. My daughter spent the whole day in bed, snuggled up under her duvet. She plays the sick child very well which was lovely for us. She did not ask to go outside once and she also did not want food, we made her some toast which she struggled to eat.

    I did another load of washing and put washing away. I also got my work finished for now. With my busy night, I’ve been feeling tired all day. With feeling drained I’m now just low.  When you are tired you see the world a bit different. Problems appear bigger than they really are. Stress is not good for me, stress I think does affect how the body works.  Maybe I need to start meditating. However, with the pace of my life, I’m not sure if I could make time for it. I know I need to stop, sit down and read more. Right now I’m just getting myself worked up with everything.

    As a parent, we work so hard for our kids and really try to do our best by them.  Today we have failed with homework as our little boy started his day on the IPad and he finished it on the IPad. Tomorrow he is not having it at all, he needs to get his work done. We also need to listen to both children read.  It will be the argument in the morning when daddy tells him no iPad. Question is though will daddy be strong enough to say no?

    My daughter refused her dinner tonight and she is grumpy at the moment, she looks pale. My son has been noisy, bouncy and has eaten well today. I am really hoping that he stays well because I need to go to work on Monday. Plus I hate seeing my kids ill.

    Do you ever have a day when you just want to shut the world out and hide?  That’s me right now.  I love my family but some days everything feels too much and I sit back and question myself. My little girl was crying this evening because she wants her duvet changed.  I didn’t change it today because she was in it.  When I’m sat in the chair in the evening, I don’t really want to go back upstairs to change her duvet especially when the duvet she wants is in the blanket box in our bedroom under a pile of stuff. I told her no and thankfully, for now, she is quiet.

    Our little boy had daddy read to him tonight. Mummy had already said goodnight. The time was ticking on and I had just had enough and needed time to just sit, so daddy went upstairs and did the bedtime reading. Our daughter was already falling asleep until she started shouting out to have her duvet changed.

    Tomorrow is another long Sunday, I have ironing to do again. We have homework and reading to complete. I’m not sure what we are having for dinner because with all the drama of our daughter being unwell I completely forgot to buy a chicken, so no roast dinner tomorrow.

    I also need to make room in the summer house for my palm tree and put my fleece plant coats over my cordylines at the bottom of my garden, plus bubble wrap the pots. The cordylines survived winter last year but my palm tree in its heavy terracotta pot didn’t.  This year the new palm tree is in a plastic pot so I can lift it and it is kept on my patio, right next to the summer house.

    We are watching ‘Seal team’again, I’m now going to get some rest so I’m more ready for the stress of Sunday and my job of being mum.


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