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    Thursday mud


    Today started just the same. Usual stress of getting ready for school and out of the door on time. The black cat was not on the pavement this morning as I was parking. We all walked into the school and I left the kids eating their cereal.

    Then followed the usual drive to work, queuing in the traffic. I spent most of my morning craving biscuits and mugs of a tea. I finished my workday from home, snacking on jaffa cakes.

    When the kids got home they first wanted toast and then I looked at the books on the Kindle with my 5 year old. There is quite a selection but a lot of them are too hard for her. She likes to guess words but she does at least try.  I think maybe we have a long way to go. However, she does want to read and does like books. My 7 year old did a good job of reading his school book before dinner.

    Before bed, we read the ‘Secret Seven’ again and I left my son in bed reading ‘The Twits’. Meanwhile, my little girl was colouring in her colouring book. She is my little artist, just as long as she is drawing and colouring on paper and leaving her walls alone I’m happy.

    Sometimes I feel we get used to the usual day to day tedium of being parents. Day after day we get stuck in our same usual routine. Whether it be as a working parent or full-time mum. Some of us get stuck in a rut, some undertake further college or university. Some return to work, balancing working and being a parent. But whatever route we choose being a parent is hard work. The responsibility we carry of raising a little human and all the things and accusations that they throw at you. The times they make you feel like the worse mum in the world are all made better by the times that they put their arms around you, and pull you in for a hug and say they love you. The times when you want to give into their wills but know if you do they will keep demanding it over and over. Those times we just need to be strong and say no, even though we would love to give them the world. Their little faces and cute smiles that melt our hearts.

    Our kids mean the world to us but the exhaustion and stress that they make us feel cannot be beaten.  My 7 year old came home today covered in mud and cuts. He had Rugby after school and he obviously really gets into it due to the state of his body and clothes.  It’s nice that he is so active but he was my first job when I finished work, to give him a bath. My daughter has a letter in her book bag about checking for nits as nits have been found in her class. She hates having her hair washed and screams like I am torturing her. So nits are very bad news for her and me when she has them.

    I have the day off again tomorrow. Planning on shopping and then I should look more at writing my book. However, I also have housework to do and books to read. I know I need to make time to read but right now I am struggling to fit everything in, despite working part-time.

    I doubt any of us would say our lives are perfect. I often make the mistake of looking at other people’s lives and feeling jealous. I’m sure some of those people maybe look at my life and feel envious of me.  All of us are like an iceberg, we all have more going on underneath. I’m sure very few people would say they get everything they want to do, done. Life always gets in the way.

    Anyway, I am now going to get some rest before the roundabout of being mum starts again in the morning.

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