• sleep tonight she was exhausted and has a cold kids

    Wednesday chills

    Wednesday again, Alexa woke me at the usual time, early. Daddy was already awake with our 7 year old downstairs. I went into my little girl and woke her up, her response was very much like how I felt. She woke crying and complaining that she wanted to go back to sleep. I would have loved to have obliged, maybe even climbed in with her but we had to get to school and work.   So I dressed her, ignoring her tears, once dressed she refused to wear her cardigan and then walked downstairs to find some toast.

    Getting out of the house can be harder on some days, this morning they were slow with putting on their shoes, refused to wear their coats again and my daughter resisted my attempt to brush her hair. I gave her my brush so she could brush it herself. She ran the brush through and then dropped it on the floor. Consequently, she went to school again looking like we had not attempted to brush it today.

    Arriving at school, the kids did their usual trick of running off leaving me with their bags. I caught up with them and we walked on to the school field together. Wrapped up in their winter clothing trying to keep warm. It was very cold today and woolly hats did serve their purpose.

    I left them sitting happily at breakfast club and drove to work. It was a long journey this morning and I was pleased when I finally got home and switched on my laptop and started my paperwork. Sitting working in my slippers with my mug of hot tea next to me was nice after my long hard morning.

    My parents collected the kids from school today and my dad took them to B and Q shopping. When I take them places they will often play up. Running around the shelves and crawling on the floor. Plus picking things up and crying for things. With my dad he reported that they were very good, I had been concerned.  My son helped him to count screws and my daughter stood patiently and waited. Why can they not be good with me? Would be nice to take them shopping and not worry about where they have run off to. It’s like they have a naughty switch that only turns on when they are with mummy.

    Once home this evening, my 5 year old was grumpy, not feeling too well and crying for her dinner, she wanted it immediately. When I gave her her plate of food she had a few mouthfuls and then refused the rest.  She has a cold and was happier cuddled up on daddy’s lap. We have a lot of food wasted, I wonder what percentage of kids leave most of their dinner. My 7 year old ate all of his and enjoyed it.  He then finished his homework, my daughter refused to do her spellings and both were too tired to read.

    My little girl went straight to sleep tonight, she was exhausted and she has a cold. She cried as I got her changed and put her pyjamas on. Then she pulled the duvet up over her head and snuggled up underneath.  My son wanted me to read ‘When the dragons came’ again.Tonight the dragons were walrus’s which he loved.

    Sitting here now the heating has gone off and my hands are cold. I’m tired and need my sleep too. I’m hoping my daughter is not feeling too full of cold and unwell tomorrow as she needs to go to school. I have a busy work day tomorrow and so does daddy. I am sure she will be tearful again in the morning, it is always me that has to wake her.  I’m hoping we don’t have a repeat of today and if we do she is not crying quite as bad.

    I am now going to get some rest, build up my strength for tomorrow, for the morning stress and my role as their mum.


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