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    Saturday homework


    Today we were woken at about 5am by our 7 year old demanding that daddy get out of bed and make him breakfast.   Why so early? Thankfully, for me daddy was struggling with sleep anyway so he got up and went downstairs. Our son suggested that he wake his sister.  We both responded at the same time with “no leave her” . Very soon after I heard music coming from her room. I got up and walked in there and silenced Violet the teddy bear, she had rolled over and laid on her.  She woke up a little but not completely as was soon asleep again.

    Today consisted of washing, cooking and homework and still I haven’t worked out my Christmas present issue.  However we are so frustrated with competing with the IPad, currently ‘Roblox’ and ‘Minecraft’ rules.  Daddy has told me he can put locks on the IPad, I think he needs to just do it.  With my Kindle, with Amazon kids, there is a way of forcing the user to do a set amount of reading before they can play games.  I need to work this out and enable it.  My Kindle has a 64gb memory but is full of my 5 year old’s games. Daddy has been very generous with the download button.  I now want to wipe them as want space for my own books. Hence, now trying to work out whether to buy more Kindle’s for Christmas. Maybe the gadgets should be banned all together but, that would not work in this house as much as I would like it to.

    This afternoon we worked on my 5 year old’s homework. She had to draw a picture about a piece of children’s poetry.  We chose ‘The Jumblies’ by Edward Lear. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/54364/the-jumblies   (They went to sea in a sieve).  This was one of my favourite  poems as a child. She thought the green men with blue hands in their sieve was funny. It’s nice when a child enjoys doing their homework, though admittedly mummy did most of it.

    My son still has his homework to do, I’m hoping daddy helps him with it tomorrow plus his reading book to finish.  Will be a case of “homework now, IPad later if you do it nicely”. Kids make life so stressful, everything is wanted now. I was cooking sausages tonight and my 5 year old started crying because she was hungry and wanted them immediately but, they had to cook first. The weather has got so cold now that neither child asked to go outside, which was good as I would have refused due to the mud and the puddles that they are both so attracted to.

    For dinner today my 5 year old wanted an egg and mayonnaise sandwich. I made us both one, I love egg and mayonnaise. She was happy when I gave it to her but then proceeded to lick the mayonnaise of the egg. Why do kids do this? She consequently left her healthy egg and the bread. A while later she was crying that she was hungry.  I told her that she had already been fed. Not my fault that she had only eaten mayonnaise.  Surely this is normal, to basically refuse your dinner and then moan about being hungry? Maybe this is why she was so desperate for her sausages but her crying really adds to my stress levels. I hate it and it is hard not to always give in to her. I read somewhere that a child’s cry is supposed to make us adults stressed, so that we act and try and help them. It certainly does this to me.

    Putting them to bed tonight I read chapter four of the ‘Secret Seven’. Jack did indeed stumble on a mystery, he also managed to leave the house twice in one night without being found out. Very savvy these kids, I’m sure my 7 year old would be to scared to go out at night with a torch. Plus if he heard men talking, it possibly wouldn’t occur to him to hide. I don’t think the ages of the ‘Secret Seven’ were ever disclosed but I have always thought of them as young kids as aimed at the younger reader. Jack’s baby sitter had been listening to the wireless which also shows the age of this book. I had to explain what a wireless was.

    Tomorrow I have school uniforms to iron and hopefully my 7 year old will get his homework completed.  I’m hoping for a quiet Sunday, but can Sunday ever be quiet when you have kids? Anyway I’m now going to get some rest before the stress of being mum starts again tomorrow.

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