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    Sunday graffiti

    I was woken today by my 5 year old again climbing into bed with me. If only all wake ups could be as nice, I hate mornings. Daddy was already downstairs with our son who had woken him a while before. Daddy is better with mornings especially as early as 6am. Once awake I ventured downstairs to find our 7 year old stuck to the IPad. This led straight to an argument on why he was not doing his homework. Soon after he started it which was to draw his favourite animal and label it.  He has drawn a cat, he still needs to put labels on it.  Our 5 year old had to draw the weather. She has drawn grass, flowers, clouds, and rain, she still needs to label her’s too. Why can’t kids just do their homework on a Friday when I first ask them to? Then we would not spend the weekend trying to get them to do it. They did finally both read to me but did it reluctantly.

    After ironing their school clothes I went to put them in their rooms. I noticed straight away the writing on her bedroom wall. About three weeks ago I had repainted them for her, https://justmuddlingthroughlife.co.uk/2018/10/19/fixing-a-mess/    I now wonder why I bothered, but I’m sure I will get the paint out again.


    She has also drawn in pink on her other wall.  My 7 year old then told me she has scribbled in black pen on his Ikea Kallax unit.


    I have scrubbed it but it won’t come off. Later on this evening I found that she has drawn on her own Kallax unit. Scrubbing that has meant varnish has come off the wood but the pen is still there. Telling her off made no difference to her, it went straight over her head that I was annoyed with her. Do your kids draw on walls and furniture? Or is it just mine?

    I gave them both a bath tonight, first my daughter then my son. My 7 year old always insists on having cars in the bath with him. He came into the bathroom with five cars and threw them straight in the bath as he always does. The water turned a lovely shade of purple. I then realised that he had coloured a silver car in purple pen. I was not amused, I had to empty the bath and refill it. I could not have washed him in purple water. Reflecting on this incident I am laughing but at the time I was very upset with him.

    Both kids then wanted more food after their baths, they had been given spaghetti bolognese at 5.30pm.  If they had eaten all their dinner then they would not have been demanding more food at 7pm after they had finished their bath. Needless to say it got to late to read to them tonight. Our son finally settled to sleep a while ago after playing with his sister and getting told to just go to sleep.

    It is now 9pm and our 5 year old is refusing to go to bed. She is crying saying she needs to write a letter.  I carried her upstairs and started to tidy away her pens. She told me I was rude, I just want her to go to sleep. Daddy has now been called, I am hoping that he can calm her down and get her to settle.  Why can’t both my kids just do as they are told and go to sleep?

    Finally, there is silence upstairs. David Boreanaz is again on television, I do like the fact that with Sky you can watch box sets and see the whole series one after another. We are watching ‘Seal Team’ though I am missing some of it by sitting here typing.

    Anyway, I am going to stop now and relax, before Monday begins and the mum stress starts again tomorrow.

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