• School had said that she had not been too well this afternoon

    Wednesday unwell at school

    Today started just the same, I really did not want to get up this morning and daddy shouted up to me to get out of bed. It was hard to find the motivation to face the world rather than hide away under the covers. Once out of bed I went and woke my 5 year old.  She was not happy to see me and groaned as I dressed her.  I think she wanted to stay in bed too, but no the outside world of Wednesday was calling.

    She was not happy when I tried to drag her brush through her hair. These last few days she has refused to brush it and it was starting to look like straw. Her screams sounded and I’m sure it was painful. It is hard to get a 5 year old to understand that if she allows her hair to be brushed it will be less matted and knotted.   So consequently my daughter went to school with her hair still messy but no longer looking like straw.

    We drove through the morning traffic, leaving daddy at work and then taking the kids to breakfast club. I left my daughter eating her shreddies and honey, hoping my phone would not ring to tell me that she had been unwell.

    My 7 year old lost his school fleece yesterday.  When I left him today I realised as I took his coat off that he was not wearing his jumper. Fearing that he would be cold I mentioned to the nice lady in reception about his fleece, she then found it for him, he had left it in his classroom.

    Leaving them both at school I drove to work, the weather today was wet and gloomy. I was relieved when I was finally back home and was sat indoors with my mug of tea and laptop.

    When I finished work I went to collect the children. On arriving at my parents my heart sank when I saw the cardboard bowl on the floor. My dad reassured me that she had not been sick. School had said that she had not been too well this afternoon. She was asleep on my parents’ settee and was then upset when I woke her to take her home.  I did tell her I could leave her there but she then got up and allowed me to put her shoes on to go home.

    It was then we noticed that my little boy was wearing his plimsolls. He had had forest school today and had a bag full of dirty clothes plus dirty wellies.  It had not occurred to my dad that his shoes were missing. It was now that he admitted that he had left his shoes at school. He had got them wet playing in puddles and they were now sat on the classroom radiator. I really hope they are alright and he will get them back tomorrow. They are expensive Clarks shoes, why can’t my children look after their clothes? Yesterday his fleece jacket and today his shoes. My daughter’s pink Peppa Pig scarf is still missing. They don’t seem to understand the importance of looking after their property.

    My daughter refused her dinner tonight. I made her fish fingers because they are her favourite, she pushed them away and went back to watching Paw Patrol. I didn’t force her to eat because I do not want her to be sick again.

    Putting them to bed tonight, I noticed my 5 year old has drawn with a biro on the wall behind her bed.  In my son’s room, she has scribbled with a black pen on one of the Ikea boxes on his Kallax unit.  My daughter loves her pens and drawing, I really wish she would not draw on the walls and furniture.   Why do children do this? Why can’t they just use paper?   They both went to bed quickly tonight which made things easier, no yoyoing up and down the stairs.

    So another Thursday tomorrow and another busy day. More miles to cover and people to see. My little boy has rugby again, so more muddy clothes and hopefully, he will find his shoes. Maybe his teacher has taken them off the radiator for him.

    I am now going to get some rest and relax, try and be more energetic and motivated to face the day tomorrow and the stresses of being mum.

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