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    Friday Star of the week

    Friday morning again, I was glad that I did not have to go to work today. My daughter was happy as I helped to get her dressed and pulled up her tights. The sickness of the early week has now passed and she is back to her normal self. We got out of the house on time, then left daddy at work and went on to school.  Whilst parking the car, my 7 year old was trying to climb into the front.  Why do kids do this? Yes, I was reversing slowly, but why does he not just stay in his seat until the car is parked and the engine is off. The amount of times we have discussed car safety and he just ignores me.

    My children’s school does ‘Star of the week’, on Fridays. Every week a child from each class is a star for their hard work during the previous week. On Tuesday my daughter’s class did a poetry performance.  Today her whole class were stars of the week. Her teacher asked them to tell their poem about a cloud. The class started reciting, my 5 year old just stood there with her mouth closed. I’m guessing that she did not know the words, but she had been unwell from Friday through to Wednesday. It was very well rehearsed.

    After assembly, I came home and did some housework. The peace of the house and time alone was lovely after the stress of the last week. Later I went back to collect the children. My daughter had forest school today which she really enjoys. She told me that they had made pine trees, I’m not really sure what she meant. My son had had a busy day and had done some baking, they had made biscuits.

    Daddy came home early today so when I brought the kids home he had prepared some toasted sandwiches for them. They are always hungry after school and toast is often the first thing they ask for as they walk through the door. Driving home I told them we had to do homework, so no Kindle and no IPad. Both kids left me to unpack the car so I struggled in with all the bags. By the time I got in they were both sat staring at screens, hence no homework was done tonight. They had told daddy they didn’t have any homework and he had believed them.  Tomorrow the task is homework before playing. Problem is though the kids often win daddy over, then I come down and start laying down the law, they then push against it. Round and round in circles I go.

    My 5 year old helped me tonight with cooking dinner. They didn’t eat much as chewing beef is hard work. It’s frustrating that they will eat fish fingers and pizza, but rice, beef, mushrooms, pepper, turmeric and black bean sauce, they are both not keen. How do you persuade children to eat nice nutritional food?


    Tonight they were not as good getting to bed.  Daddy read them a story about muddy puddles. There was a lot of running around and then soon after, they went to sleep. We haven’t had to yo-yo up the stairs for a few nights now which is good.

    I’m glad it is the weekend again tomorrow, hopefully, they will do their homework tomorrow morning. Then maybe we can relax a bit and enjoy the weekend.  We need to work on my daughter’s spelling and reading. She is a little behind and I need her to let me help her. At the moment she is not interested even with using my Kindle. I keep telling myself she is only 5, she has plenty of time to catch up with her peers.

    Anyway, I am now going to get some rest, we are watching ‘Seal team’ again. Try and build up my strength ready for the stress and work of the weekend and the ongoing job of being mum.

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