• hate when my kids are sick

    Sunday sickness part 2

    I hate it when my kids are sick, my 5 year old has spent most of the day in bed, only really coming downstairs for dinner. She has spent Friday and the weekend hiding in her bedroom feeling rubbish. We thought she was getting better then tonight she brought her dinner back up.  Dinner was pasta bolognese. I told daddy to watch out for the Passata sauce just in case someone was sick.  He put half of the packet in and topped it up with water. Unfortunately tonight it returned, so no school tomorrow and I’m either working from home or not at work.

    Our 7 year old has for a while now been scared of germs because he does not want to be ill. Tonight after seeing his sister unwell he will not stop crying, he is afraid that he has caught it. How do you make a child stop crying when they are worrying about something which will quite possibly happen?  I’ve told him that he won’t need to go to school till Wednesday if he is sick. This didn’t make him feel any better.

    Despite the sickness, we have had a productive day. My son has read some of his book to us and completed his homework. Daddy helped him, he coloured it in and I am impressed.


    Maybe daddy should redraw Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and frame it, might look good on the wall in our front room. Starry night would look good too.

    I got the ironing and washing done, just wish I had remembered a chicken for dinner, though a roast chicken dinner would possibly have made as much of a mess as pasta bolognese.  I haven’t been able to vacuum because of not wanting to wake my daughter, tomorrow I might just do it and hope she does not wake up.

    My son has spent too much time again on the IPad but he did at least get his homework done.  When I put him to bed tonight he asked to read more, so he read another chapter of his book. It is written by ‘Frank Lampard’ I didn’t know that he was an author. With out the IPad he is keener to read, just with the IPad he will sit quietly. Without it he will sit and complain, with it he sits focusing on what he is playing. Today it was Roblox and Minecraft. At the moment he is not having the Ipad at all during the week which is an improvement.

    I’m hoping that if my son is going to be sick he is ill tonight. It’s hard balancing child and work commitments. I’m hoping that I don’t catch it, I’m feeling alright at the moment but I have spent a lot of time cuddling her.

    My daughter cried last night because she wanted her favourite duvet cover on her bed. I hadn’t changed it because of her being so unwell. The cover has little dogs on it and the pillow cover says “I wuff you” it is very cute. I didn’t want her being sick over it.  Tonight I have no choice, after bringing up dinner tonight she wanted food. We gave her two cream crackers. The last few days she has kept toast down, it was the bolognese that disagreed with her.

    So I’m hoping for no more sick tomorrow, I’m hoping that both kids are at school on Wednesday as though it is lovely spending time with them I need to work. I’m already going to have to postpone planned visits then hopefully book to go somewhere else on Wednesday.

    The sickness here continues, she has been so good this weekend. A shame it takes for her to be ill for her to be so quiet.  I don’t think she has the energy to climb the cupboards, play with water, answer back, generally just not do as she is told.  Fingers crossed for no more sickness and all back to school and work on Wednesday,

    I’m now going to get some rest, try and build some strength for the challenges of Monday morning, the sickness and the ongoing ups and downs of being mum.


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