• could see that both bedrooms were worse mess

    Saturday kids mess

    Another Saturday today, our 7 year old came in at 6.15am. I told him to go back to his own room. He curled up on the rug on our floor and picked up daddy’s iPod. We could then hear the game he was playing. Daddy had enough and got up with him whilst I fell back to sleep.

    Later our daughter came in and climbed into bed with me. She had somehow got hold of my Kindle and was now banging it against my legs. It had a flat battery and she needed me to charge it. Putting it on charge, I got out of bed.  Walking past the kid’s bedrooms to the bathroom I could see that both bedrooms were a worse mess than when we went to bed last night. I asked them to please tidy up, they both groaned at me.

    Once downstairs I made myself a coffee and got some Weetabix. Then sat down and entered the world of Facebook.  The world would feel so much smaller without social media. I know so many people who I have never met, most of them I will possibly never meet.    The next task was a load of washing, the washing machine goes on most days.

    My 5 year old asked to play out in the garden.  The thought of going outside and carrying her bike up the garden did not appeal today. I know she would come back in, in a muddy mess and it will be me that would have to bring the bike back down.  Then have to wash the mud of her after she has walked it into the house.

    I had work I needed to do this afternoon and daddy was trying to sort out a problem with the computer. Our daughter was doing something in her room quietly whilst our 7 year old started to tidy his room. Our 5 year old had refused to tidy hers and when her brother offered to help her, she still would not tidy.

    His room looked a lot better then it did beforehand, but he has piled stuff at the foot of his bed and covered it in a blanket. At the top of his bed he has set up an art corner and my daughter informed me that she is sleeping there tonight. I have told her she is not, if she is asleep in there later it will be me moving her to her own room.

    could see that both bedrooms were worse mess

    So whilst my son was tidying our daughter was playing in her room. At bedtime, I found my little horse and carriage ornament that contains her first curl in her room.  There was also a jar full of water and a lovely wet mess.  I mopped up the water, then looked inside the ornament. Inside was her hair but also green hair which had been cut of a ‘My little pony’.

    Not sure how she got hold of the scissors but she climbs. Once the room was dry I then read them another chapter of the ‘Secret Seven’. We are getting through it slowly, not helped by the kid’s difficult behaviour and refusal to go to sleep. They have gone to sleep now but it was late again, 9.15pm tonight.   It has taken 2 hours to get them to stop playing and settle. I’m hoping my 5 year old is in her own bed.

    We are watching ‘Seal team’ again, time to rest the mind is so important. I have work still to do but I’m too tired now to finish it, it is sat on the kitchen table waiting for me tomorrow.

    Tomorrow brings with it a pile of ironing and a basket full of washing to be put away. The carpets are screaming again to be vacuumed,  all expected of mum. We also have homework and reading to look at. My 7 year old has done most of his reading, it is now the writing. I am hoping that with a little help he will just do his, my 5 year old will need more support.

    Anyway, I am now going to get some rest, before I am jumped on tomorrow and the never-ending job of being mum starts again.


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