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    Cuddles the cute big biscuit


    Today started the same as every other weekday. The kids started screaming at the black cat outside on the pavement, as I was parallel parking the car.  I hate parallel parking but they really do not help with concentrating on not hitting the car in front and behind. They had a busy day today and did art and craft after school.

    After school my 7 year old finished his homework, designing a biscuit.  He made a typical child biscuit.  I’m not sure if I would eat much of it if someone actually made it.  It is large with pizza, sausage, a potato chip, peanut butter, chocolate chip, a meatball, spaghetti, lovely topping, a strawberry,  blueberries for eyes and he has named it, Cuddles the cute big biscuit, I’m not sure if it would taste that cute. He has told me that it will cost someone £25.00 to buy it. Maybe an expensive restaurant might like to sell it. I wonder if it would sell. Maybe if it was marketed as a pizza.

    Both kids would not go to bed tonight, still awake at 8.30pm, climbing on the bedroom windowsill to watch fireworks. The crashing and the banging do not help parents with small children. Neither tonight would do as they are told and just behave. After an exhausting day, I really needed them to just go to sleep. Normally I would have relaxed a bit and stopped and watched the fireworks with them but tonight I have had enough and just want to sit down and relax.  Tonight the threat of “if you don’t go to bed now, no story” said rather angrily, was met with the kids bouncing on the bed. Why don’t my kids just do as they are told? Especially when I am tired and stressed. My plea of “no the Lego does not go upstairs” was ignored completely as he ran straight passed me, adding to the stress I feel. So rarely will they do as they are told.  They both have minds of their own which is good but it makes our lives harder.

    It took for daddy to go upstairs for them to go to bed. Why could daddy do it, when I couldn’t? My kids are very good at making me question my authority. No amount of me talking to them nicely, then getting more and more angry would make them do as they are told. Why is angry mummy so funny? So now finally they are now asleep but I am feeling stressed and wound up.  Why do I let them do this to me? If someone had drawn me earlier this evening, smoke would have been coming out of my ears. There are times where they wind me up so much that I’m almost in tears. Does anyone else experience this? They might only be 5 and 7 but they really know how to manipulate me.

    My son’s reading book tonight was ‘The tiger who came to tea’ by ‘Julia Donaldson’. I told him that “the moral of the story is if there is a tiger at your door don’t let it in, because it will eat all your food and drink all your drink, including the water out of your tap”.  He said “and it will eat you first,” I think he could be right, you would be very badly mauled anyway.

    My children are my world but in an evening they can make me feel all emotions, pride, love, joy, excitement, despair, tears, misery, stress.  Why oh why do kids do this?

    So tomorrow is another day and my day off. I’m looking forward to a day alone by myself. I have washing and housework to do but I really need the time to relax and do very little, after the stresses of being mum.

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