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    Wednesday and a broken umbrella


    I was woken by Alexa once again. 6.30am comes around way to fast and I hate getting out of bed. The day was cold, wet and gloomy and my daughter cried as I dragged the duvet off her. Getting her dressed she really was not happy. If I could have taken her back to bed with me for cuddles and more sleep I would have done.

    Arriving at school today it was raining hard.  The black cat was not in the street, I think it was possibly indoors in the warm.  Both children love to have their umbrellas, rain or shine but today it was windy as well as wet. I bought my 7 year old his Spiderman umbrella when he was about 5, it was the first one that I bought him.  A few days ago one of the metal bits broke in the wind, this morning I let him have it as it would have given him some shelter despite the slightly broken frame.

    So the wind was blowing and he was dancing. Laughing as it was blowing inside out. In my mind I was thinking, oh well he needs a new one anyway, but feeling a little upset as I am sentimental. We walked into the school grounds and saw one of his school friends who was excited about it being broken. His mother then told him to put it in the bin.  I was shocked as it was not her son’s umbrella it was mine.  The other boy then snapped the handle off and put it in the bin.  I felt the anger rising in me, but could not say anything because it is just an umbrella. Well being a sentimental idiot after leaving the kids at breakfast club I rescued the umbrella from the bin.  I now need to find a box to safely put it in. (Yes I am a little crazy, I also still have baby and toddler clothes that I can’t part with and this was his first umbrella).

    The day has been busy, I got a little lost this morning and when I finally reached my destination I got out the car and stepped straight into a massive muddy puddle. So soaking wet feet, really not clever. The day has not improved, I should have taken the broken umbrella as a sign of a rubbish day.

    This evening the kids had a lovely argument over my kindle.  They both insisted that they wanted to read, however, neither would look at a normal book. The IPad is still confiscated and my son wanted to read more about Minecraft. The argument ended with my little girl being the one crying the loudest. I found her watching a video under a blanket and then my little boy moaning that he was bored. He has plenty of toys that he could be playing with but yet he was bored. Why do kids do this? All he wanted was the technical gadget, he did not want his toys and normal books.

    They both went to bed well tonight after reading the ‘Secret Seven’ again. My 7 year old had a tooth fall out at school today, so tonight the tooth fairy is expected to visit. I’m hoping she has some change, as a few weeks ago we had tears as she did not visit on the night she should have done. Was a bad tooth fairy mistake, he was very disappointed. However she was forgiven when she came the next night, so she needs to come tonight.

    Now sat here thoroughly exhausted, I have an even longer day tomorrow. Hoping that I will not be working tomorrow evening. Now just want to turn off the television and get an early night. Try and get some rest before the daily stress restarts tomorrow and the morning drama again of being mum.


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