• After school we went to town

    Friday shopping stress

    The day started in the normal way with dragging myself out of bed to get the kids to school. It was a non-uniform day today to raise money for children in need. I had already decided what my 5 year old was going to wear.  However what I had chosen was not good enough as she reminded me she needed to wear spots. I then put her in jeans and a spotty top. She had forest school today as well, so I thought the jeans would be alright for that too. We were trying to leave the house when she disappeared upstairs. On her return she was wearing spotty leggings, I forgot she had spotty leggings. I then had to search for something suitable for forest school as she didn’t want the jeans. I found some jogging bottoms that were my son’s. They were fine to be got muddy.

    I didn’t get to read my book today as I got stuck in the world of social media. Ebay sent me another voucher, which I used on another care bear for my daughter. I did it right this time, so no hassle with phoning eBay sellers or eBay. I did achieve yet another pile of washing.

    After school, we went to town. I really wish my kids would just do as they are told, they rarely do.  We went to Tesco and bought some Knex for my little boy, my daughter saw a baby trike and started riding it. After a lot of “put it backs” she finally returned it to the shelf. The local radio station was turning on the Christmas lights today.  We had a good view of the stage to see the DJs we listen to every morning in the car.  The kids then walked off and started talking to a person in a wolfs costume, they would not come back when I called them.

    The next shop was ‘Card Factory”. I hate choosing cards, I always feel a bit of a fraud as the cards are usually to gushy.  It’s hard to find cards that actually say what you feel unless you shop at ‘Moonpig’. The only person I buy ‘Moonpig’ cards for is daddy and that’s because I can write some poetry inside it, personalised rather than written by ‘Hallmark’. So at the ‘Card Factory,’ both children ran off and were playing behind the shelves, shouting and laughing with each other. They will never just help me to choose cards.

    My 5 year old decided she wanted some Christmas tree earrings and put them in her pocket. I rescued them and put them back on the shelf.  She was upset with me, I told her she would need holes in her ears to wear them. She told me she would make holes, not quite sure what she was really thinking. After the stress of the card shop, we went into ‘The Works’. There they were picking stuff of the shelves, not sure what I was thinking of taking them in there.

    Soon after we saw ‘Pudsey bear’ collecting money for children in need. Both kids were excited and hugged him.

    After school we went to town

    Next stop was Marks and Spencer’s for my mother in laws Christmas present. Here my 7 year old started pushing the sales assistants trolley around. From there they decided they needed the toilet and wanted to see the dinosaur located in ‘Fenwicks’ toy department. Taking them to the toilet was more stressful then it needed to be. At home, they love to jump on the furniture. So in ‘Fenwicks’ my 5 year old saw a £2000 light grey settee and climbed on it. The salesman shouted out as I told her off and pulled her off it. Thankfully there was not a dirty mark on the settee but really not the place to be climbing on the settees.

    In the toy department, they could have been a lot worse. Finally, we saw the dinosaur, after a bit more messing around we left and walked back to the car. The kids love shopping but they know how to really wind me up.  I turn into a shouty stressed mum and they ignore me.

    After collecting daddy from work, we got home and had dinner.  My daughter did some drawing whilst sat on the table.  How can this be comfortable? She refused to sit in her chair. Bedtime was the usual stress despite their long walk this afternoon.  All is quiet now and they are asleep, I’m glad we are now back at the weekend. However, I’m sure tomorrow will be another busy day with more challenges.

    I am now going to get some rest. Maybe get an early night and build up my strength for the stress and demands of being mum again tomorrow.


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