• My 5 year old was still coughing and sniffing

    Thursday sniffles

    We were woken at about 3am this morning by both children wanting our attention, all we wanted was sleep.  We fell back to sleep as the kids went to sleep under their duvets on the floor. The alarm went off at the usual time and wearily we all got up. My 5 year old was still coughing and sniffing. However, despite her cold, she wanted to wear socks to school. I put tights on her under protest, a while later she had taken them off and put her ankle socks on.  This then led to me changing her again with her crying.  It was very cold today and I could not send her to school with bare legs.  I gave her some cough medicine and hoped that she would make it through the day.

    Arriving at school was the same as always, except today, by the time I had unpacked the car with their bags and coats, they had run off quite a way down the road. Is it just my kids that do this?  I locked the car and ran after them. My 5 year old was wearing just her school jumper, refusing to wear her coat. Her hair was a mess as well, as again she refused to let me brush it. Once in school, I left them at breakfast club and drove to my morning appointments.

    I got in from work at about 14.00, just as the phone rang.  It was daddy asking me where I was.  I had too much work to do to go out again. The school had phoned and I hadn’t heard my phone ring as it was on silent.  Consequently, they had phoned him, so he had walked to the school to collect her, then walked with her to the bus station and they had got the bus home. I think she quite enjoyed her walk and bus ride. It’s not often that she has adventures with daddy. He walked further today then he has in ages.

    Once home she went straight to bed, she didn’t even take her school uniform off. Warm and snug under her duvet, she stayed there for a few hours then refused to eat her dinner tonight. She then went straight to sleep again.  I am hoping that she is well enough to go to school and stay at school tomorrow.

    My 7 year old had rugby today. Despite the very cold weather, they had it outside. He came home again covered in mud. I once more have his muddy plimsolls and clothes to wash. He cuddled up with daddy whilst I was working and read his book with him. They were then watching television together. It was nice that things were quiet.  However, it was me that had to give him a bath and wash all the mud off.

    My son wanted to go over his spellings at bedtime. He is very good but he kept spelling centre, center. I’m not sure where he has seen it spelled that way if he has.  We live in the UK, not America. I think the English language is very complicated to learn. So many people speak English as a second language, I struggle with French and I’m sure that is easier than English.

    Friday tomorrow, my day off, however, I have overtime work to do again. Sitting in my kitchen with my laptop. I really need my daughter to be at school otherwise I will be sitting her down with my Kindle fire and hoping that she will be quiet.

    I’m sitting here under my blanket with the television off, my hands are cold as the heating did not come on this evening.  It could mean another phonecall to the boiler engineers. This is not the weather to have no heating. Just another thing for me to get stressed about. It’s me that will be arranging the visit and meeting with them.

    Anyway, I’m now going to stop and try and warm up under my duvet. Try and get some rest so I’m ready for my day tomorrow and my job of being mum.


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