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The secret time warp

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The dark clouds covered the blue of the sky and the fields layout in front of me. As I walked the atmosphere around me became eerier. I was alone and started to feel that someone was watching me. I could not see anyone; the trees were swaying, and I pulled my coat around me. I kept walking thinking about the kids back home. I watched the sheep playing in the fields nearby and I could hear birds chirruping to each other. The rain then started to fall, first steadily then with more force. I put up my hood and continued one foot in front of the other. I had had a long stressful day and I needed some time out by myself. Unfortunately, this was not to be as at that moment the atmosphere changed and suddenly instead of walking through a field, I was stood in a street. This could not be, I looked in front of me, there was street. I stepped back, and I was back in the field.

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I had never experienced this, it was the sort of thing that you see in a science fiction film. I was amazed that this was really happening to me. I stepped forward again and I was back in the street. I made a mental note of where I was stood. The shop in front of me was Woolworths, Woolworths was closed years ago. This was getting stranger and as I stood there my brain started to ache. I then felt a tug on my sleeve, it was a small child. Looking down I recognised her, she had my daughter’s messy blonde hair, I was confused now. The little girl was me, how could this have happened? What year was I in?

I soon found out that I was in the year 1986, the little girl was me aged just ten years old. I could remember now years ago what I thought was a dream where I met a lady in the street. As a child, I often sleepwalked and a few times I walked out of the house, we lived in the town and this must have been one of those nights. I took the little girl’s hand and asked her if she wanted me to take her home. She nodded so we walked together, back to where I can remember living. We walked around to the back door that was always unlocked and I helped her in. I could hear familiar voices in the house. I thought do I dare go in or walk away, I knew I was in a time warp and I did not want to change the past, not even by accident. A figure then appeared in the kitchen,
“Who’s that?” they asked, I could see it was my grandmother stood there. I wanted to go to her, introduce myself and give her a hug. My grandmother died years ago, and I miss her terribly. There is so much I could tell her, so much I wanted to tell her, but I knew if I did then I might change a timeline somewhere and I didn’t want that to happen. So, I just said,
“Sorry I found your granddaughter, I think she was sleepwalking” my grandmother now might have only been about ten years older than myself, maybe less. It was strange seeing her now as an adult. She looked at me and said,
“Elizabeth, you had better come in” now I was confused, she knew who I was, what was happening here?

It soon evolved that my grandmother worked with a secret government agency and she knew all about the time warp from the field to the street. She now needed my help, she did not want to know anything about my future as she did not want to disturb the timelines, she said that people had been going missing between the past and the future. I remembered now the newspaper article this morning about a little boy that had gone missing. She had somehow known that I would be where I was and that me as a child would find me and walk me home. This really was something from out of a film. Maybe I would have been played by Angelina Jolie. I was shocked by my grandmothers’ story, I wondered if my mother had known about her.

Now I knew about the time warp I had a new job. I had to report back on the people from my present that had now vanished about thirty years into the past. Due to not wanting to raise a big alarm I had to talk to the present-day police force and get them to believe where the people were going. With my mobile phone, I filmed my grandmother and the story and then filmed Woolworths.

It was the following day that I walked into the police station and asked to speak to someone about the disappearances. The lady on the desk was not very helpful at first but she then phoned one of the detectives and I was then ushered through to a waiting room. Detective Inspector Williams was very shocked by my story. We wondered whether other agencies were aware of the time warp. He then asked me to take him to the field.

About an hour later DI Williams stood staring at Woolworths with his mouth open. So, the question was, what now? There was a long road ahead and the time warp could not be closed until everyone was home safely. Also, how did it appear? Why is it here? Who else knew about it? And are all the missing people safe? My time warp adventure started here.

This story was inspired by Lorna in her blog Gin and Lemonade with the writing prompt of Time warp.

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