Monday frustrations

Another Monday, another rubbish start to the week. I knew it would be a bad day when I found the zip broken on my daughters’ school uniform fleece. Following that the morning traffic was rotten as usual. I drove a diversion to avoid queuing in traffic for ages. The rain was hammering down and jumping off the tarmac. Work was busy as usual.


After school, both kids refused to complete their homework. Whilst I was trying to finish work my 7 year old insisted on playing on my kindle and my 5 year old did her usual trick of climbing the furniture and playing with the heirlooms. The cup in the photo was my grandmother’s. I’m sure all it is worth is sentimental value. I’m forever telling her to leave things alone. Are other 5 year olds like this? She will not just do as she is told.

I finally sat down at 8.30pm to try and watch Emmerdale. It was now that my little boy wants to read. Since about 5.00pm today he has been telling me he is too tired to read to me. Finally, at bedtime, he decides he now wants to. So his book is now read and he has gone to bed.  My 5 year old then came back down looking for pens, anything to delay going to bed.

Sitting here, I ache, it has been a long day. Earlier today I had to buy diesel, not sure if it is my imagination but the price seems to have shot up. I then noticed this evening that the zip on my Radley handbag is broken.  I wonder how much it would cost to get the zip replaced. Seems like one thing after another and Christmas is just around the corner.

I have decided against buying kindles as they are currently driving me mad with their gadgets. Maybe they can have the books that I already have in my wardrobe for them. My 5 year old is now asking for a care bear and the BFG. She already has a large collection of care bears but she is pestering for Good Luck bear. My 7 year old wants a Lego truck that he is not getting as they already have a lot of Lego. I have told him to build his own truck from what he has already got.


Tomorrow is my day off again, I have another pile of washing and a rug to wash. I bought a duck hug rug runner for the kitchen thinking that when dirty I can put it in the washing machine as advertised. I have since been advised by a washing machine repair man that it should not be put in the machine due to the dirt that would wash out of it and possibly ruin the machine. So, I hand wash it in the bath and then run through the house with it.  A friend told me not to buy a rug for the kitchen because it would get dirty with food.  My thought was I could just chuck this in the machine so that would not matter.  If anyone reading this puts their hug rug in the machine,  I have a bathroom penguin hug rug which got ruined after going in my machine, since then I have not dared to try again.  I just run water through the house instead.

The house also needs tidying. I still have not found the missing part for the VAX carpet shampooer, maybe I might find it, maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Trying to find the motivation to tidy the kid’s bedrooms and tidy the front room. The motivation vanishes with the knowledge that the kids will quickly make it a mess again.

Time now to try and get some rest before starting again tomorrow and the ongoing drama of being mum.

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